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Childish Behaviors

   I  debated for some days on whether to post this or not. As I feel this board should never be used as a personal playground. 

  I first came to this forum back in 2017. As a long term suffer of spinal conditions caused by a work injury in 2002 .I found the board both supportive and full of wonderful information. I've made many good friends during the time I've been here and learned so much.

   This board is full of posters posting about their experiences. Good and bad. Lately though it seems some members have issues with me . I'm not a big one to post what I've had done or been threw on each posting on the forum. Rather I just discuss what symptoms they gave me.

  My symptoms weren't just mine. They are global . I suffered from cord compression of the cervical neck. Better known as Cervical myelopathy. Yes with it I also had issues with nerve impingement though less noticeable then the symptoms of the compression. Symptoms from the compression cause problems threw out my arms and legs. Weakness , unstable walking which caused tripping and falls. As I said these are not just my symptoms these are common symptoms of this condition.  I @ a member on a thread a few weeks back. I explained very nicely that he was both right and wrong and explained why and how based on whether it was just nerve impingement verses cord compression that symptoms can go below the waist. For some reason this seemed to rub him wrong. As I said I wasnt saying he was totally wrong and many time we use @ to Express different things why he took offense to that I dont understand as I've been @ at myself many times without pitching a fit.

   The other day a women came to the board discussing her father's recent dx of cervical myelopathy and her concerns of how his weakness and unbalance isn't improving . His surgery was done 1 week prior. I only posted on that thread because of my experience of having dealt with this condition and understanding what her father is going threw. But I also notice the one member that seems to have issue with me posted that her father shouldn't have been affected with these symptoms as cervical generally only affects above the waist. I pmed  this member suggesting he read up on cervical myelopathy so to better understand it. I also told him what surgeries I had for it..  I even told him in the PM I wasnt here to fight and made a comment that there was no hard feelings or stones being thrown as he had accused me of throwing stone in a forum thread just a few days earlier which I wasnt I was explaining how worker comp works in Maryland.  He seems to also have issue with my workers comp too..why I havent a clue. My case went very smooth without a hitch for almost 16 yrs till the opioid crisis. I also said I was only trying to help him so he know more about cervical myelopathy. The PM was not intended to be nasty more helpful as everyone is learning new things every day.  Even doctors refer back.

    I came on the next morning to find both a nasty PM stating I could come back once I get a 4 year degree like he has in other word calling me stupid . I wasnt going to respond..but once I read a open post on the forum also basically saying it too I did respond back in PMS. In the same mentality he was doing it to me. Once I did that I am now being accused of things I am not. He seems to think I'm in a contest which I am not. Oh yeah we all want to win the spinal booby prize how ridiculous.  He claims I'm following him. First off dont give yourself so much credit. I dont even know this person since we both have cervical issues its common for people with like problems to post on the same threads.

  One thing I did learn threw this is. It seems members can bring other members into a private message on here without everyone's knowledge.  Unfortunately someone was brought into our private message and the only reason I spotted it was by a name. A special one that always only showed up on this member PMS when he use to PM me alot as at onetime we were close. Funny how someone at onetime that use to endlessly tell you how kind ,sweet and wonderful you are as well as their dearest friend can turn on you in a heartbeat.  I for one had thought highly of this person.Thank you for teaching me such a valuable new thing on here. It will forever change how I continue to use this board. See I can be shown new thing without going off in a childish manner.

   I will continue to handle my matters on this board in a adult manner and not play childish games by posting my dislike or issue with other members on the main forum board as this isn't what it made for. This will be my one and only forum post on this subject . Remember there is always two sides to a story and I for one have a right to also post mine.



  • Hi Boo!

      Unfortunately, there are both trolls and others who post that think life is what is printed in a book or if you didn't have the same symptoms as them, you don't matter.  When people act like that, it's probably best to just turn a cheek and move along.  It's not worth feeding into their digital world.

      I feel that there are an awful lot of good people on these boards and sometimes bad comes with good.  Don't let the negativity of a few bring you down!



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  • boo9989bboo9989 Posts: 547
    edited 03/24/2019 - 9:41 AM

    Thank you Keith

      And great to see you posting missed were my go to guy with my wc issues..I just mostly wanted to stress that there is always 2 sides of a story

    Again thank you for your encouragement cause I didnt want it to affect me on my forum postings were I come only to help others

    Opps or is it Kevin lol..cause I seem to always mess that up

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  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,072

    You can always verify who is included in the Private Messages.   On the right side of the screen, there is a

    In this Discussion

    That lists everyone currently in the discussion.  People can add any additional members to an existing message, but you will always see that in the list

  • Dilauro 

      Like I said I'm thanking everyone for showing me that feature I never knew before . But now it does make me wonder just how private our private messages really are when a conversation goes from 2 people to 3 or 4 without someone knowing this feature or being asked if they mind.

  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,072
    edited 07/16/2019 - 12:08 PM

    The private messages on this system are 100% private.  No member, not even Admins can view another person's message.

    Also, what I mentioned was that you can always identify who is on the current message list, but viewing the list on the right side of the screen.  Lets say you and I had private messages going, the initial message list would include on you and  me.

    Now you want to add someone to the message discussion, the feature is there for anyone.  But, I believe part of your point was even when you added someone, I would not get a notification.  I would have to see who is on the message list, so that takes an active action to check.   I have a habit of always looking who is on the current message list

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  • boo9989 - I'm sorry this is happening to you.  Easy to say "don't let it get to you" - can be much harder to do.  But having these conversations spill over into your daily life only gives the 'bad apples' power, don't let that happen.  I don't have the same spine issues that you comment on so haven't had any direct contact with you but I can tell you are only trying to be helpful.  Some people just can't see that and are by nature confrontational and argumentative.  Too bad for them, they will miss out on many positive aspects of life in general.  Put it out of your mind and ENJOY the rest of your day!  Cheers!

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    Firm believer in PMA

  • Thank you urb.

       I am that why I stated this is a 1x only post.

       And cheers to you also  :)

  • Dilauro 

    One thing is I use my cellphone alot to view the forum cellphone format seems to be different. 

      I later discovered that day it on the left side but you have to scroll down so it's not in full view like on a laptop or computer . But still I never was asked or informed this was going on or knew you could even do that so it was quite a shock

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