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Light at the end of the tunnel??

Hi all,

  It seems more and more news outlets are starting to report on how the opioid crackdown has affected chronic pain patients.  They are keying in on the unfortunate trend of patients committing suicide because they have been taken off their medication.  I can't link articles onto the boards here, but if you do a search on the subject, you'll see where doctors are speaking out more now because the issue we all knew was going to happen (patients taking their own lives) is happening.  The "theory" of "hyper analgesia" is being called into question.  Doctors are coming to the realization that  opioids do work long term despite some medical groups advocating that they do not work long term. 

  It's still going to be an uphill battle going up against the physicians at the Federal Level.  But, as more and more studies get disproven because of medical bias against opioids, I believe it can only help our case.  My guess is that the fat cat lawyers who are suing opioid manufacturers are probably not liking how the studies are being medically disproven.  All they saw were $$$$ and thought this would be their "retirement" case.   

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    you got that right EMS Guy,

    Everything changes and not always for the better.

  • Kevin, Your were spot on about the amount of suicides increasing since the crackdown. We lost a neighbor 2 weeks prior to Christmas by GSW to the head after her pain MD abruptly stopped her fentanyl patches and as a realist, I know it will just increase as time goes on. On a positive note though, Maybe this will push and accelerate companies as well as Pharmaceutical Companies to find something better and safer for all us Chronic pain patients. We can only hope!....David


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  •  Hi Everyone

    Really surprised to read what you are saying that it is being reported of how this is actually effecting the lives of those who are in pain. I wish you could put the links would be helpful but I will seek out what I can for sure. That would be a positive step in this nightmare since everything I read and see on the News is negative and bull crap. I need some positive cause my attitude is highly negative about it all. You are one who brings valuable information to all of us which I am totally grateful for. Here in Utah they lean towards stating the "prescription drugs" are the killer and the lump it all heroin etc. into "opioids as members have talked before.
    The news a couple of weeks ago were all grins and celebration mood due to one of our huge hospitals cutting their prescription meds by 40%. The comments from patients ( of course got to be careful with these) but stories like a guy who had major knee surgery and was given 3 days of pain medications.
    I did read that the CDC is going to review the "guidelines" and the impact it has had and the numbers used to generate (really?). If anyone has looked into the how, individual gains and who developed those guidelines would be shocked at least I was. Sorry to get off track this isn't about the CDC I get going on terrible situation and can't help myself. You are so right about the Lawyers and all the others who have benefited financially, politically etc at the cost of people in pain is awful. 
    How will the number of suicides for this reason be generated? Just wondering where that trend is coming from you know what I mean? 

    I agree with you it would be wonderful if they could come out with something besides pain meds and easy on the side effects. After all that is all we want not to be pain free so much but just able to have a life. 
    My doctor told my husband of a guy who he had referred to a pain clinic thinking they could help him. They immediately cut him off his pain meds. A few months later he had written letters plus sent a video of his life now to all his doctors thanking them for all they did and did not do. It really upset my doctor he told us the guy was a hard worker, good father and husband plus involved in the community. The thing is he was not pain free at all but managed and the pain clinic dropped it which turned his life upside down. 

    Lets hope things turn around such a sad and frustrating situation.

  • EMS Guy, I too have been recently encouraged by some of the articles I have seen online.  It finally looks like some of the lies are being disproven and things may start to turn around to some degree.  Although I realize it will take time.  All these lawsuit against major drug companies won't just affect pain meds availability but ALL meds.  I am guessing that means we will end up with , more meds from India and I for one can attest to the fact that at least the one I was forced to try made me deathly ill.

    One thing I keep seeing that makes me literally sick, is these ER's bragging to be going "no narcotics."  How can a person with any sense at all or compassion be bragging about that?  Some of the things they have come up with to ease pain blow my mind.  Therapy harp, energy healing, laughing gas. Really???  And then some are making statements that when two patients are seen and one is given OTC meds and the other narcotics, that the OTC works best.  That certainly is not my experience. 

    Hey I get that at one point in time, the narcotic scripts flowed too freely, but they seem to have thrown the baby out with the bathwater!

    There have been alot of bad decisions and changes made that have hurt alot of pain patients.  It will take time to right some of these wrongs.

    Again I am encouraged by some articles, I just pray its enough.


  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,813

    I do hope this trend continues.  I've always believed that when all the facts are presented and are reviewed by an unbiased team that truth will surface.  Not only for this opioid situation, but for any crisis that is in the media.

    Just as it took many years before there was any real media discussion about opioids, its going to take years before things are done right.

    Someday, people should be able to get the medications they need, not want without unnecessary problems.

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  • I sit on a committee where I work for "Pain Management" within the hospital.  The Chairman of the committee and I have had very frank discussions about the misinformation about opioids and witch hunt that is happening against manufacturers.  I've been up front with him about the meds I've been on and still take.  I don't hold back on anything with him.  I've kept my mouth shut in open meetings because of how much different my opinion is from other members. 

    They are starting to do aroma therapy, soothing music in recovery and using much less effective meds for pain control.  One doctor has now stopped using toradol because he thinks it's too strong.  That's simply insane!  I've mentioned to the Chairman that I'd like to give the committee a testimonial about opioids if he thinks it would be received within reason.  He said he would consider it.  His fear (as is part of mine) is that one or more people may question how I can be in the position I have while taking meds.  To be clear, I no longer treat patients in the field.  I ride a desk now, but Risk Management could still have a cow! 

    I've started collecting article's showing where studies were tainted with medical bias, where stats were knowingly skewed and where some doctors are finally talking the truth.  When I get a good enough list to spark doubt in the average person about what's being passed as fact/fiction, I plan to blast it out to media people.  I can only hope someone will take it and run with it. I think that the State of Oklahoma settling their lawsuit with Purdue Pharmaceutical for 270 million probably has spooked other states.  The states are hoping for much more than that but are also fearing Purdue will file bankruptcy protection.  It's a mess!

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  • I mean if heroin addicts want to kick the habit they give them methadone sometimes for life. They better offer some alternative in place of pain meds! Like maybe some research on a drug that relieves pain that doesn't provide any high. Most of us who are on long term pain meds don't get high. like if I take one more extra pill I get a rebound headache and feel tired, I hope anyone who is really suffering gets the compassion and help they need! This is awful news as some of those overdoses are people who've had to look to the streets to get pain relief then end up with illegal Fentanyl at deadly doses. 

    My husband had knee surgery and was given way too many percocet, he had 3 total and even then he was sick but know each individual is different in pain tolerance. You should be able to work closely with your Pain Dr. or Family Dr. whoever is looking after you. I'm fortunate to have my Pain Dr. advise my Family Dr. for pain meds so there's no fault if something happens like legally. 

    I'm glad CDC is noticing about pain patients are suffering to the point of ending it but hopefully, everyone will get into a Pain Management Program in a good hospital. I hope there's light at the end of the tunnel EMS Guy thanks for this post. Charry

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  • EMS, I forgot that I read where hospitals are giving less effective meds after surgery.  It made me think back to when I had tennis elbow surgery to release the tendon in day surgery and how terribly painful it was after the local wore off.  If I had not had pain meds to take...well I hate to even think about it.  What if one of us had to have emergency surgery??  With tolerance on top of everything else.  It keeps me up at night. 

    I want to say thank you for trying to do what you can in your position.  You never know what little bit of info will spark someone's attention.


  • Thank you, all.  Keeping finger's crossed!



    Several Epidurals, L4-S1 360 ALIF, Numerous Facet Joint Injections, RFA x2
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