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PLIF April 1st L2-L5

Hi, I'm scheduled for surgery next Monday.  read through all the fantastic lists and guides! thanks to all who went through that for us!

I have severe stenosis (and scoliosis) that began showing up last year with severe nerve pain shooting down my legs from my gluts to my ankles.  I already have lots of doctors so first made the rounds to make sure it wasn't the effect of something else, then went to a chiropractor nearby (2+ months in, and barely able to function).  He immediately sent me for Xray, and then MRI and told me the good news "he can make it feel better for a while and give me time" and the bad "you have to have surgery".  I've never heard a chiro say that so was a little shocked.

(He did give me time- it's been about 9 months and pain is down from a 9.5 continuously to 2-3-4 intermittently) Thank god for flexion-distraction!

I interviewed 3 recommended surgeons (Lucky to be in Chicago) and do lots of research before settling on a final doc.  Originally they all looked to a Laminectomy but after a CAT scan - they each took that off the table. after all the scans there is a long list of issues, but basically, scoliosis is the problem. 

I met with my physical therapist that I've worked with on and off for the last 10 years and she's been greatly helpful - and ready for my next round with her. 

I have other issues that will complicate my recovery (and have made pre-op fitness difficult) - in 2009 I was hit by a boat and had major damage to both legs.  I have difficulty walking or standing for a long time... even though my back is good enough over the last 6 months to walk and keep in shape, I can't go more than a couple of blocks. So that's frustrating until someone invents a way to have you exercise without moving...



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