Gearing up for surgery and terrified of it

Hey all.

I have decided to go ahead and have my surgery, my neuro will be performing a fusion at the c5-c6 level. I have severe cord and nerve compression at this point but he believes the nerve damage, if any, is minimum at this point. We will know more after the surgery he said. I am looking at a 6-8 month recovery he said. He did however mention that the fusion may help my cervical spine return to its normal curve over time. As for my tremors he is almost certain they are coming from my nerve compression but we will know more after surgery. I dont have a date set, still waiting on insurance along with a Cat scan my neuro ordered to make sure of a few things.

I am super nervous for this surgery, I know its minor but I am only 26 and I know its very rare for someone my age to have this type of issue but I am hoping that it improves my quality of life and after because after two years of it getting worse, I am ready to be better again.

I know its not major surgery but the stories Ive heard and read on here have me a bit worried going in. Does anyone have any advice for me going in to surgery and what to expect coming out? all words of wisdom from those who have gone through this before would be greatly appreciated!



  • Like David said the anticipation is pretty bad, especially if this is your first surgery, try your best not to over think it, if this helps any at all I had C4-C7 fusion surgery in Feb. 2018, everything went well, stayed overnight and came home the next day, my arm and hand felt better as soon as I woke up, and I hope your's does too.

    Keep us posted


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    learn as much as you can prior to surgery. that way you will be able to ask the right questions. when you know the date,please join us in surgery buddies for that month. there you will be with other members waiting on surgery and/or in recovery.

    take care and please keep us posted.

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