L4-L5 Fusion without instrumentation and without I know about it

I visited a doctor because of leg pain 6 weeks ago and he offered simple 40 mins Discectomy based on the MRI and told me I'll recover in 2 days. I was under operation for 6 hours, and doctor after the surgery told me he noticed during the surgery that my L4 is shifted and he performed fusion without any instrumentation with my own bone graft. How common is for doctor does such a surgery by himself without consulting with patient? It seems recovery is going to take a long time, I was not ready for such a major operation, I have pain in my back everyday and I was not consulted different ways of doing this.I think he should have just done the discectomy and postpone fusion for later times, or I'm wrong and doctor makes the best judgment during the operation? And it seems fusion without instrumentation which it seems it is not that common, why did he chose to do that? I cannot get hold of him to answer my questions. I'm not sure what I can do now. If I knew it was going to be a major surgery I would have chosen not to do the surgery. 



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    i would suggest having a discussion with the doctor and getting a copy of your consent form you signed prior to surgery.  it's very possible that he found a problem that needed fixing, but only he can tell you that.  i i know here in canada if you got a surgery you did not consent to then it goes to the lawyers.  but i have no clue about any other countries....good luck, first thing is a discussion and copy of forms from the doctor. 
    and for now, try to be kind to yourself to let yourself heal!
  • Thank you WLLady! The consent form is very generic, and doctor always says he did the best he could do at that moment. I'm dealing with so much pain right now which talking with lawyers wouldn't be on my priority list.

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