PSO on Friday, March 29

Well, here I am, 2 more days to this huge, complicated surgery! Going today for pre-op meeting with surgeon. I hope to get lots of answers.

It was described as one or two osteotomy in lumbar with cage up to T2 or T3. So my back will be rigid. I'm worried the most, after pain concerns, about how I will be moving afterwards. I've had information provided by several here trying to explain what I will be like post-surgery. 

I will be back this afternoon with the exact plan. Any suggestions or help will be greatly appreciated! Bonnie



  • I just got back from the pre-op meeting with my surgeon. He is planning an osteotomy at L4, 4" screws into my pelvis for stabilization and the screws & cage to T3! This is a huge surgery and a very aggressive approach at my age, 70.

    But what are my choices? Only 2, have this surgery or stay like I am. I've lived with my back continuing in hunch over for years until now my ribs are sitting on my pelvic bones! My neck is killing me from trying to look up when I'm standing. So I'm ready to do this and I  trust my surgeon. He advises me of what to expect and he is doing everything he can to help me feel confident.

    I'm ready! Let's go! I'll let you know how it went ASAP afterwards. Prayers are appreciated! 

  • Good luck with your surgery, and keep that positive attitude, it will go a long way.

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