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Pain during therapeutic massage

Hi all,

  I've never been diagnosed with SI issues.  I had a L4-S1 360 ALIF 12 years ago.  I'm on meds and scheduled for another round of facet joint injections in two weeks.  When I was at my massage therapy guy today, he said he wanted to check my SI to see if it could be causing some of my discomfort.  He pushed down on it and I about came off the table.  The pain on my right side was much worse than it was on the left.

  So question for SI folks; based on what I described, have/has anyone had a similar type of pain like what I described and if so, were you simply put into PT or did they do something different? 

Several Epidurals, L4-S1 360 ALIF, Numerous Facet Joint Injections, RFA x2


  • charryccharry Posts: 5,668
    edited 03/28/2019 - 10:32 PM

    Try some ice tonight for the pain from your massage. I'm afraid to go again after a painful episode I had with the last massage therapist I went through and actually bruised my leg. A PT can do some active release to see if that can help which is gentle stretching but did he lean on your sciatic nerve? or the bone in your back?

    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
  • I regret I can’t help here but had a question.

    Where exactly did he press? In the groin area?

    At a certain angle?

    I’m curious in the event my pain is coming from the SI joint.


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  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,974

    Keith, I have a SI joint problem on my left side.  When it really is flared up, pressing on the butt a couple of inches below the waist creating sharp pain.

    The first time I had this problem, I had a SI Injection which cleared up the problem completely.  Now three years later, because my gait is off due to knee problems, the same SI joint flared up.   I tried some of the SI Joint exercise which is available here on Spine-Health under treatment, plus I started to wear a SI Joint belt.   Didnt help, so, I went in for another injections.   Right now, its been 6 months, the SI joint is under control

    Ron DiLauro Veritas-Health Forums Manager
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  • Thanks everyone!  I was laying on my stomach and he pressed down just to the right of midline axis.  He was more on the tissue/fatty area.  I'd say about three inches or so from the midline.  I don't believe he hit the sciatic nerve or I probably would have lost control of my leg.  He was also pushing down and working it straight down my backside about 6 inches in length or so.  My first epidural many years ago, the doctor hit the nerve at L5 with the needle and I swear it felt like he jammed a power cord down my leg and turned it on.  It was horrible. Because of that, I don't think he was pushing on it instead of the SI joint.  He did say getting the SI can be difficult for some people to do.

    I think my guy does a great job.  When I first go in he is able to watch how I'm walking so that when he starts, he knows where most of my knots are at.  It does hurt like hell at first, but by the time he gets done working it out, I feel much better.  He also has started cupping my problem areas before he massages the area.  

    Several Epidurals, L4-S1 360 ALIF, Numerous Facet Joint Injections, RFA x2
  • EMS

      Not only am I struggling with adjacent level failure in my cervical but I've also been under active treatment for si joint dysfunction. 

      You may want to ask your doctor about doing a si injection. Though it only gave a few hours relief it's also use as a test for positive signs of si problems. 

      I've so far gone threw 6 months of pt on it where they showed me things I can do at home to reset everything. One that helps me the most is laying on my back with a firm foam tubing between my legs it must be very firm. Then you squeeze and release over and over till you feel a pop in your hips. It doesnt hurt matter of fact it feels good.

       Then I also had RFA of s1-4 back in Sept. Which also helped alot but is starting to creep back in so I'm having it again on April 24th. This time their doing l5-s4 as I still did have 1 active nerve with the last one.

      I think they are now seeing alot of peoples lower back issues also include si joint dysfunction. 

    Hope you find relief asap.

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  • I had another round of facet joint injections last week.  I explained to my PMP about what my massage guy did and found.  The doctor had me laying on my stomach and pushed down on what I believe to be my right side SI joint.  I about came off the table.  Unfortunately, it was also at this point when the Versed/Fentanyl cocktail (IV) kicked in and the rest was history!  I didn't get a chance to speak with him after the injections.  But, if he in fact was shooting into the SI area, he found my latest problem.  Since getting the injection where he pushed, my pain level on the right side has been greatly reduced.  Now it will be a matter of seeing how long it stays relatively less painful than other areas.

    Several Epidurals, L4-S1 360 ALIF, Numerous Facet Joint Injections, RFA x2
  • EMS

        I'm hoping your still getting some relief from the injection.  When I had them it gave me less then a day. RFA gave me longer term relief . Hopefully it will do the same next week on the 24th again as all the nerves have started up again. It really did make quite a difference in me beable to withstand it better and do the needed pt.

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