Decade of Back Pain Developed into Something Else?



  • I was on Robaxin for several years, I found that if I kept going I was o.k., but if I ever sat down it was over with

  • I took Robaxin for years but usually only at home in the evening due to the drowsy issues.  My Dr shifted me to Amrix, extended release flexeril, which I was on for 4 or 5 years when Insurance changed their policy and said it was only for short term prescription.  I was able to take it such that I had benefits through out the day while working. Didn't get the drowsy feeling. Now on I'm on standard Flexeril  and have to wait until I am at home as I will get drowsy.  Regular flexeril is also only supposed to be used short term, but since it's a lower cost then Amrix my insurance has no problem with me taking that....

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