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Underlying cogential central canal stenosis

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Underlying cogential central canal stenosis

2. Mild degenerative disk and moderate to severe degenerative facet changes

3. Grade 1 anterolisthesis at L4 and L5

4. Moderate to severe central canal stenosis at L4 L5.Disk and facets likely impinge the bilateral L5 nerve roots. Left greater than right due to superimposed left synovial cyst

5. Mild central canal stenosis at L2 and L3.Subtle left paracentral protrusion contacts the traversing left L3 nerve root.

6. 1.9 cm left paracentral disk extrusion at L1 L2 contributes to mild central canal stenosis and may contact the traversing right L2 nerve

7. Mild central canal stenosis at L3 L4 Disk may contact the bilateral traversing L4 nerve

8. Mild to moderate neural foramen stenosis at L4 L5
I am 57 years old. Have been in severe sciatic pain for 3 weeks. Cannot walk or stand for long. I have seen my GP and had acupuncture which put me in severe pain. I have done stretching. 



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