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I am 47 years old and I have a synovial cyst in my lower back. The doctor thinks I damaged my spine falling (I've slipped on ice multiple times).  I have had a CT guided injection with local anesthetic mixed with corticosteroid to rupture of the cyst. It is successful and lasts about a year. However, this is my third year and I have to go though months of ridiculous pre-visits and x-rays/scans before I am allowed to get this procedure done.  I am in pain the entire time awaiting this procedure to be scheduled and subsequently missing work when my back is at its worst.  My husband thinks it is time for me to have surgery, but the only thing they tell me is that I have to have a fusion to completely fix this. Has anyone had a spinal fusion in the lower spine and if so, how bad is it? Do you lose mobility and bend-ability in that area?  How long ago did you have it and if it has been a while, do you still feel good?



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    i am fused l3-l5 done in 2 separate surgeries, the first in 2015, second in 2016, as far as mobility i really do not notice that much difference, my surgeon said that most of our ability to bend comes from our hips, surgery is not easy, but after the first couple of weeks it really was not that bad pain wise, recovery does take time

    as far as how i feel now as compared to before, i would have the surgery again in a heartbeat.

    if i can answer questions, feel free to ask.


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