Removal of Nevro stimulator

Just had my Nevro Stimulator removed after a year and a half of continuous pain and suffering. After 11 years of a number of fusions I now have an Harrington Rod. My first pain manager implanted my first implant which after a few days fell three inches in my buttocks pulling out the lead wires. Found out later he just assisted in a few implants, so I was his first dummy. I then was referred to a neurosurgeon who re-implanted the device with 16 paddles. This implant was terrible nothing but battery problems and more pain and never hearing back from the technicians from Nevro. Long story short just had the device removed one month ago having the wires being cut out of scar tissue and muscle. Since then nothing but severe headaches, pain in my neck and back and falling twice with the last fall giving me a concussion. After going through this hell, I ran into the regional manager for Nevro, and he said if he was my representative from the start he would of never recommended this implant because of my back history...

I’ve read nothing but horror stories about implants and I hate to believe this but maybe the surgeons and hospitals are being paid off. 



  • Sounds like a real nightmare. I am about to begin my journey into long term heavy duty pain management. I am trying to educate on everything mechanical and otherwise. Did you just go with that manufacturer because it was suggested or is that type of device a pipedream? How did you manage your pain prior to implant?

  • Yikes, sorry to hear about your pain and anguish I completely understand your frustration. My doctor has recommended a stimulator to be inserted into my back. I can't see how this is a good thing in any way. I don't really feel that all of my other options have been exhausted yet so I don't want to even try it. 

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