L4L5 Artificial Disc Replacement



  • Thank you Chip, that's good to know. From what I know about the scs, it _can be_ successful for radicular nerve pain but not for back pain. While I know the internet is not the best place to look for success stories, I can't really find many. That said, I'm willing to try anything to make my days a little easier!

  • Thanks very much challenger. I will definitely not get around to even talking about a SCS with a surgeon for months as that's how slow our healthcare is. I am basically forced to be patient.

    BTW for everyone else: over 14 weeks out and still have lots of severe nerve pain and stinging in my lower back. Also, in the past while a massive increase in some thoracic spine and chest pain that has been waking me up at night and making lying down uncomfortable. Still waiting on post op x-rays that should have been done at 6 weeks... yea. I am on a butrans 10 mcg / h patch and diclofenac suppositories as well as 900 mg gabapentin and 75 mg of amitriptyline and they are not helping...

    In severe pain 14 months total now.

    :-/ I really just don't understand the human body. 

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  • Tim

    I am sorry that you are still hurting so bad, there are other nerve medications that may help you more, that is something you may want to discuss with your doctor.

    Take care and keep us posted


  • Timsdeece,

    I wonder if an epidural steroid injection would be a possibility post ADR?  With a fusion obviously that wouldn’t be a good idea but I think an ADR needs minimal time for device adhesion to the bone.  An ESI might at least knock the nerve inflammation down? 


  • Hi Kevin, indeed it is the fourth thing in my list on the previous page.

    My GP has said she has referred me to a pain doctor but I have yet to get written confirmation.

    Thanks for the comment!


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  • Hi David,

    Yep, I missed that - Hope you are able to convince them to go ahead with the injections.  My situation was somewhat different, but I had the same feeling that everyone I spoke to was clueless.  One surgeon suggested a laminectomy even though the MRI showed no nerve impingement, and if I hadn't been in so much pain I would have lost it.  I was somewhat like you, only more mechanical pain with milder nerve pain, but MRI showed pretty good disc height and no impingement so I just endlessly got the run around.  

    I also had a cervical ADR which did not work for me, but in my case that was because of facet pain.  It is good news that you don't have that issue - I sure hope the nerves will settle down for you and turn this into a complete success.  I can really relate to your case because I was much the same - after being miserable for so long and having doctor after doctor seem to ignore the magnitude of the pain you are in.... it just gets incredibly frustrating.  Everyone says not to self-diagnose, but if the professionals aren't helping what else can you do!

    All the best - hope you get relief very soon!


  • > One surgeon suggested a laminectomy even though the MRI showed no nerve impingement

    I'm a mod of an ADR facebook group and I hear this all the time. Surgeons recommending discectomies despite no compression and corresponding neurological problems. I can only assume they just want the money I guess and they know they can't get taken to court for doing a discectomy on a bulging disc, irrespective of whether it's actually advisable. 

    Thanks for your comment. It does get terribly frustrating. Sorry to hear your cervical ADR didn't work out as well. You hardly remember the model you had implanted? mobi-c?


    edited 05/09/2019 - 9:31 AM


    Yes, it was the Mobi-C... I don’t think the device would have mattered though.  But did Mobi-C since I had two levels.  I opted for surgery in part because the surgeon was the first of 7 doctors who understood my condition, and he was convinced I should do the Mobi-C surgery.  I find most doctors, even many spine professionals, struggle to understand the symptoms caused by very extensive annular tearing / leaky discs.   After talking to the surgeon at length, I was convinced that he would have had the surgery based on his experience if he had been in my shoes.  As it turns out, the disc was much worse than he anticipated from the MRI - he said it was very badly degenerated,  

    I really can’t even fault him for the outcome - it seems I am just wired for facet pain!  ACDF stopped it at the surgical levels but now I have it, albeit much milder, higher up in thr neck.  Plan to look into facet blocks and possibly RFA soon....


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