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Epidural Steroid Injection question??

I had my epidural steroid injection on 4/3/19... at l5/S1, a little to the left where most of my pain was. Getting to the hospital my pain was a 6/7. After getting my injection my pain was a ZERO!! Literally. No pain whatsoever. I was a bit weak the rest of the day but I was so happy. It’s been 4 days and I’m still pain free. My question is, how long does this pain relief last for most people? I honestly wasn’t expecting anything like this. Ive been weaned off all narcotics and nerve pain medicine and I’m feeling extremely free and just don’t want this to end. How long did the relief last for everyone else? I keep getting scared I’m going to wake up in major pain or that my pain is going to slowly start peeking it’s ugly head back up. 



  • KelleyS

    I have had more epidurals than I can count, some worked and some did not, the longest that I had relief from one was 13 months, I was able to delay surgery by 6 years by having epidurals, but when they stopped working, they stopped all at once.


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