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Constipation struggling with it



  • senekot s has the colace in it. I take at night and colace in morning but not all the time and glycerin. metamucil and prune juice helpful as well. Taking walks is the best thing if you're able.

  • jerseymike01jjerseymike01 OregonPosts: 80
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    Saw that someone mentioned magnesium. There are many different types with some doing nothing and others that do some "serious" stool softening. Also, it is a supplement that has a direct impact on nerves and muscles and from what I have heard should be taken with potassium. Bottom line is due your due diligence before taking any supplement and remember that what works well for one may have a limited or huge impact on you. No different that any other drug is the safest thing to say. Also, warm prune juice is what my nurse finance recommends to most..

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  • charryccharry Posts: 264
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    Heated prune juice. 

  • I use an OTC fiber drink mix, starts with a M in case I can't say the name here. I get the drug store generic and take it every morning. I also eat an oatmeal a few times a week with flax seed in it.

  • MikethepikeMMikethepike MIchiganPosts: 491

     I would like to thank everyone for their input, I was wondering if anyone uses the  fleet liquid suppositories? That has been my Safetynet for going.  I know That using that suppository it could make it harder to go regularly.  Thanks again for all the responses. Take care and God bless 

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  • I struggled for about 15 years before I arrived at my current meds, all OTC bought at Walmart where they're WAY cheaper than anywhere else.

    1. Fiber capsules. 2x3 times daily. I use the psyllium husk ones just due to cost.

    2. Stool softener - 250 mg 3-4 times daily.

    3. Still softener/stimulate laxative - 25 mg stool softener and 8.5 mg sennosides (stimulant laxative) 2 pills 3-4 times daily.

    4. I also have plain generic Dulcolax pills for times when things seem like they really don't want to move, but I only use them maybe once every month or two.

    The other two key things are:

    1. Drink lots of water! I constantly have water with me at all times due to my dry mouth tooth rot, but even if I didn't have that I'd say drink at least 6-8 16 ounce glasses of water daily.

    2. Regular exercise or at least don't just sit around. Taking even a short walk can help immensely.

  • Beet juice works better than any stool softener I had ever tried. 

  • I eat a handful of craisins every night before bed with a full glass of  water and that works for me.  I have tried other things but this works best. 


  • My constipation was so bad that my bladder got closed off so I couldn’t urinate either. My husband took me to emergency at 2 am and eventually I had a catheter and was given a gallon bottle of polyethylene glycol  and was told to  start drinking. That worked impressively within the hour, after I had swallowed about 3 cups of the stuff. After that they gave me lactulose, Restoralax and Senekot  daily, which kept problems at bay until I finished with opioids.

  • This subject stinks, lol sorry couldn’t help myself. I too SUFFER from constipation. It is horrid. I am constantly taking  stool softeners. Usually followed by a hot drink.  When I am blocked My go to is a few sugar free lollies . That normally gets thins going quickly, but I have learnt how many to chew on before it over works lol

  • Hi Mike,

    sorry for the late reply but I just came across your post yesterday. You may have already got this resolved but I'll throw my two cents anyway. I'm disabled and have been taking opiates for many years to treat chronic breakthrough pain. I've also been dealing with constipation brought on by those opiates and other meds I'm taking. I've tried several laxatives like Colace and Senokot over the years but these didn't help very much. I find the two things that help best are Miralax and Metamucil. I mix half a teaspoon of MiraLAX with my coffee in the morning, have one dose of Metamucil mixed with water in the early afternoon then another dose of Metamucil which is mixed with half a teaspoon of MiraLAX in the evening, about an hour after dinner. I'm disabled due to a spinal cord injury and therefore need to use suppositories, I find the brand that works best is the Magic Bullet brand, they are a lot more expensive than other brands but work much quicker and more effectively. I hope this helps.


  • MikethepikeMMikethepike MIchiganPosts: 491

    Thanks Dan, got it fixed pretty much, I use MiraLAX, and for the tough days I use the liquid fleet, Try it it works really quick thanks for your input take care and God bless.

  • I used Anugesc HC supp. and felt it took down any swelling morning and night and Baclofen and senekots and colace and I couldn't believe how backed up I was! like it was crazy! So am using the Anugesic HC as I think I may have had swelling inside and man wow just wow. AM so relieved. 

    I've had an older cousin who died from bowel obstruction and Aunt who needed to get an ostomy bag so now I take it seriously with so many opiates I take. Glad things are working for everyone. My GI DR. says a lot of fiber, bran, and Metamucil if not eating a lot of fiber with my diet. I use a Gazelle exerciser if I can't get out and walk and tons of water but yes run it by your Dr. if you add any Magnesium and stuff.

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