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After 17 years I've decided to close out my workers comp.

boo9989bboo9989 Posts: 583

   I've mentioned on some post about workers comp that I've been in the system for 17 years. I have to say most was pretty much a breeze . I've only been to 1 hearing that was a Partical Permanent Disability hearing back in 2006. At that hearing I was awarded 8 years of 2/3 of my pay and lifetime medical. From 2006 it was also no trouble all my pain management was paid for including and tests or other treatments plus medication . All that changed in June of 2017. First they wanted me weaned down..ok no problem I did it. But then I started having neck issues starting right before xmas 2017. Since then it's been nothing but torture. Non stop delays and me getting ever worse..first I had months of waiting to see my  spine specialist . So I finally saw my original surgeon that did all 3 of my surgeries. In Jan this year. Since he now says I need more surgery my PM thought it be a good idea to see a neurosurgeon for a second opinion. So since Jan I've been waiting on a approval to see one. Well I got the news...instead of seeing the neurosurgeon they decided they rather do what they call a IME =independent medical evaluation which btw is no way independent. 

   Sometimes in your life you must make decisions based on what you believe is best...first off my health is much more important to me . I have health insurance good one too unfortunately since my neck is a work injury I am not allow to use today since I see nothing but more and more delay I told my lawyer I'm done close it out do a full and final. I need to get better. So that's were I'm at. Yeah it may take sometime for it to be all said and done still...but its FREEDOM!!! Freedom to go to whoever I want to go to when I want to go to them..not having a wc insurance company telling you what you can and can not have so yes a large weight feels like it was just lifted off my chest....the end is near.



  • David

       Let me first address you first sentence. I have no issue or have ever had any issue with you. That is not how I am. I do not come on here to cause problems.  I come here just like everyone else to share the good bad and ugly of a life as a spiny. Anyone that knows me here knows I speak from my heart on a less technical way. We all are learning eachother different spine problems I myself only tried to help you understand one . It was never done in anger. We both share similar but in some ways different cervical issues and that's a good thing for the board as both of our views are important.  It helps newbies understand and validate their symptoms. 

      Now about my worker comp..first as I posted  I already have excellent regular health insurance.  I have both Medicare and I also have a secondary insurance threw OPM= office of personal management  I am not on a Medicare advantage plan. I am fully covered with no other out of pocket. So yes to close my wc a I will need a Medicare set aside .

      I kept my medicals open with wc for all these years because up till 2017 I never had 1 issue so it wasnt a problem till now. I am not the only one that is feeling the rath of this insurance company using the opioids crisis to cut their costs.there are others on this board under the same wc insurance company. They too are feeling it. Its given this company a edge so they are now taking advantage of it.

    Also I am already on ssdi..have been since 2012 after trying to find a new line of work since 2006 that I could do...I took advantage of a little unknown benefit alot dont know of...its called widows benefit. With it after the age of 50 a disabled spouse of a deceased person has the right to pick between their benefit credits or their deceased spouse whichever gives you the most. So see by me also knowing this benefit may help others coming to the board.

       The only reason I decided to close my comp at this point and some may say I'm crazy because I am truly close to that golden 100% with a 68% rating 1 more surgery which I need would likely get me there. that's so hard to achieve.. is I choose my health over cant put $ sign on that.

      So to me my health is priceless


  •   Thank you David,

       My employer was also self insure really the company I am dealing with is called a 3rd party admin.  They take over the insurance company cases to cut corners even farther  one of the members on here share the same company.  I feel for him because he too is feeling the rath of them by them suddenly saying his pain medication are now not one of there prefer formulas. So now he might be forced to pay out of pockets for his medication. My doctor had planned on trying me on one of those. But I told my doctor right now please dont ruffle any more feathers I'm having enough problems getting what I'm on as it we didnt switch.

       As I repeated before up till 2017 all was well no problems no issue. These insurance company are utilizing this fake war on drugs to hassle innocent injured people.

    But again thank you for your well wishes.

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