Pain from sleeping - please help!!

Hi all,

I’m really hoping you can help or give me some advice. I’ve been struggling with back problems for about 3 years now. Before I get started on my story I just want to say I’ve never had a professionals advice, no doctors or any other professional. The reason for this is I do not want it on my medical file if I can prevent it. I haven’t taken any medication or been prescribed any meds. 

I’m a 24 year old male, I’ve always been relatively fit and healthy. I’ve always played a lot of sport and was an active child. I go to the gym and run weekly. 

My back problems started 3 years back. At first I thought this was related to the gym or poor/incorrect technique. I then thought it May be where I sit at a computer for 8-9 a day for work. 

I now have since resolved this through getting up a lot at work and corrected my gym techniques. and I’m sure my back problems come from my sleep as when I wake up in the morning my back hurts. 

It started off with lower back pains, I’m a side sleeper.. I thought my mattress was too soft (100% memory foam) which was misaligning my back in my sleep. This was like a dull ache or stiffness in my lower central back. 

so I got a new mattress. No memory foam just a spring mattress. This helped for the first 6 months. 

I then started to feel hip pain rather than lower back pain. Again I think this is where the mattress was too hard my body can’t get rest or align, so now I just feel as though my hips are bruised when I wake up. 

I then bought a mattress topper (eve sleep) which was quite expensive. As it had great reviews. My hip pain has now stopped and the pain has reverted to a stiffness in my lower back. 

I’ve tried stretching lots in the morning and before bed. As well as different sleeping positions. 

Is there anything I can do or anything you can suggest for me? Before I go to a professional and ask for help.. I really don’t want medication and would rather find the cause and prevent it than just masking the problem. I feel like I get 5 years older every day. I really don’t want to have to live with this for the rest of my life. 

Please help!!!!



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