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Localized pain.

I have finally been able to pinpoint my pain after many procedures and tests.  The pain I have is in my lower lumbar on the right side which radiates into my upper buttocks.  It is extremely painful during extension of my lower back and gives an all together different pain when in flexion.  I am just posting this to see if anyone else suffers from this similarly and possibly has anything they could share that I should look into.  In the morning I can hardly move but by late morning or lunch it is slightly better but still not fun.  when evening comes on it starts to go back downhill and sleeping is always an adventure. 



  • I had a Microdiscectomy in November of 2017 which led to the hospital for a week due to pulmonary embolisms.  Took a while to recover from that and was a detriment to my recovery from surgery.  I have had 5 injections, 1 epidural cortisone and 4 Facet blocks. Injections had zero affect.  I am in PT currently but it isn't helping either.  I have been to many specialists over the years leading up to and after surgery. Since surgery, I haven't really been given any answers that point at the root of my pain.  The latest thought is that I have some extreme arthritis in my facet joints but I would've thought that they facet blocks would've helped if that were the case.  with the pain being a familiar companion and having been trying to diagnose something for so long now, I have been able to pin point my pain in the lower right lumber and in my upper right buttocks.  when I am in flexion, or bending forward, I get a pulling type stinging pain in the area of my surgery and down the right side of my lumbar.  when I am in extension, which is far worse, it is a deep sharp aching pain that radiates from the right side of my lumbar into the upper portion of my hip on the right side i.e. upper right buttocks area.  I have read about Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction and, while I don't like to self diagnose on the internet, it seems to outline exactly what is causing me distress.  Thanks.  I understand there are no medical professionals here but figured I would try this to see if anyone else has similar issues and whether or not they have found relief one way or another. 

  • Hi Richardson,

    Sorry I'm a little late to see this one, but I do have some experience from my neck issue that may be pertinent.  I had a very degenerative C5-6 disc that caused some of the typical DDD pain and facet pain.  Degenerative disc and facet pain seem to go together frequently, and they definitely did for me.  

    Unfortunately my experience was that it can be difficult to give the doctor good feedback on the facet block under those conditions, because if you have muscle spasms etc from the degenerative disc, it can be hard to tell you had improvement from the first few hours of the facet block where the lidocaine is really working.  

    When I had my failed ADR, the pain was 100% facet generated... and even after revision I have arthritis / facet pain further up in the neck.  For me, it's much worse in the morning, best late afternoon, and extension hurts much more than flexion... so for what it's worth, at least in my case some of those symptoms at least seem to rhyme with yours.  Particularly the pain being worst in the morning is a very typical hallmark of arthritic pain... 

    If your PM doctor is willing, maybe the RFA would be worth a try to see how much it does.  You never know, even if you get 50% pain relief, that may make a huge difference for you.  

    All the best,


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  • boo9989bboo9989 Posts: 548
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       Not that I'm a doctor or expert but has anyone looked into possible si joint dysfunction.  Only reason I'm asking is how your describe your pain. Si joint pain is often just to the right or left of the spine at the very top of the butt..its one of the test they use..they have you point to exactly were the pain is....many get this certain spot they can point too right away..its right were the spine meets the lilac crest of the hip close to the spine.

    P.s. I would read up on it on this site see if any of it matches what going on.

  • RichardsonRRichardson Posts: 39
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    @broncofan I appreciate your feedback on your experience and yes, it does seem that a few of your symptoms rhyme with mine.  I would love to go ahead with the RFA just to see if I get any relief, unfortunately, the insurance company won't pay for the RFA if I didn't respond with at least an 80% pain relief from Facet Block injections.  So unfortunately I won't be able to see if that helps.

    @boo9989 I have mentioned the possibility of a problem in my SI joint as I have been doing exhaustive research to try to find out what is going on.  When I mentioned it the doctor that I was speaking to at the time just kind of shrugged it off without a second thought almost as if to say, "who are you to try to tell me what it might be".  Needless to say I don't see that doctor anymore but I will bring it up again at my next appointment with my new, current doctor.  Thanks.  I thought the same thing...the pain that I deal with sure does have the tell tale signs of an SI joint problem.  Unfortunately now I am dealing with a right hip problem and it is very difficult to discern the pain differences between what I feel in my hip and what I feel in my lower back.  Trying to tackle one thing at a time and I can only hope that somehow they are both linked and we can get to a solution at some point soon.  Thanks for the feedback, have a good day.

  • @dilauro Thanks for the story, I appreciate your being transparent with your personal experiences.

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  • @dilauro Further commenting on your response.  I couldn't agree more that it is a complicated endeavor to diagnose the location of pain in these areas.  It has been a long road over the last 2 years and I am happy that my injection in my right hip I just got on Tuesday cleared up most of the main pain issues I was having.  They're still there but greatly tamed down since this injection.  At least this is the most optimistic I have been in 2 years and I am excited to go back to my follow up appointment to see what the next step is.  I assume they will focus on my right hip and see what is going on there and get it taken care of.  I will update the progress when I speak to the Orthopedic doctor whom ordered the injection in my hip.  Unfortunately, funny enough, now it has turned into a mental thing with me.  I was so accustomed to dealing with this extreme pain and not feeling like a human being because of it, I am now so focused on it feeling better and waiting for it to go back to where it was.  I know the injection was diagnostic and it won't last long but I am unable to focus on anything else other than when that will be.  So strange, you spend all your time over 2 years + working to overcome the pain that when it finally feels better your extra focused on when this good feeling will end. Such a different mental state currently since the pain defined me for so long now it is like my brain won't allow me to forget it while it's tamed down and is focusing on when it will return. 

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