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L5/S1 lumbar fusion w/ cage



  • It's time for more diagnostic testing, x-ray's do not show nerves, you may need a test called a myelogram, especially since you now have hardware, a MRI will usually deflect off the hardware, it will not with a myelogram, as you have been told before, do not be ashamed to become forceful with your surgeon, tell him/her that you are in pain, it is not getting better and you need to get better.


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  • Hi, I feel sorry for what you are going through.

    I am 8 days post op L5/S1 PLIF with instrumentation which I believe is the same as you.

    I am 26yo male, from the UK. The reason having the surgery was because of the pain in my left leg, back and groin. Since waking up from surgery this has all disappeared. The surgeon has informed me If I look after carefully i could be back to playing sports etc. I only have operation pain atm which is slowly getting better.

    If I was you I would make sure you have a good surgeon, because you should not be feeling what your feeling if the surgery was a success. Make sure you do some hard research on who you choose to operate on you. The spine is no joke, you need someone who you can trust. 

    I know it is only early in my recovery so I could still easily end up the same situation as you but I am only going with how I feel at this moment. Please keep me updated and I will continue to post which my rehab.

    Good luck.


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    I am also a very active person and had a L4-S1 fusion. You pain level is much higher than I experienced. I got 3 opinions before having my surgery and am currently having some hardware pain and I will likely get 3 opinions if I decide to do anything about that other than injections. I share this to say: getting another opinion is a good idea. I used to run, ran cross country in high school, and lifted weights. Honestly, I have had to change a lot of my behaviors. I built myself a carbon road bike and I still lift, but not the same way I did before. So, I stay active and am grateful I am able to walk let alone do all that I do (I had a Pars Defect). Im sorry you are going through this. Hang in there though, you are most likely in the same boat as me. You have your youthful healing potential on your side and you are active which means if this is a correctable situation you have a lot going for you! There are many of us who had major back surgeries who would say we are total success stories. Stay positive. You also need to be confidant and persistent in workin through the medical system. I agree with another post that "a squeaky wheel gets the grease". I think its time to aggressively move out with more opinions and pursue a wider set of treatment options. 

  • I had my 1 year appointment yesterday. The doctor told me that my back was structurally healing but my body is “atypical” in the sense that it is not healing fully and correctly. My nerves in the L4/L5 area are causing significant pain down my leg so I got an MRI immediately after. I am waiting on the results but I do have a facet arthropathy in my L4/L5 vertebrae. I am wondering what this completely is or what I should do about it. I am going to see pain management soon to start a series of injections which did not work for me before surgery. I don’t know if they will work now but I guess I am going to try them. Has anyone had luck with this?

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    In the past, I have sat down with my PM doctor and asked, "now what?" We went over what worked and what didn't and came up with different options. But as always, I do my research and take notes with me to talk to him.
    I just had SI joint injections which has helped a lot. Next, I am having the facet joint injections. 

    Take care and keep us posted on how your injections go.

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