Anybody have this?

Anybody with symptoms of SI joint pain, like a zing when I bend over.  Its very sharp and makes me stand up straight right away. I can walk and sit, it mainly hurts only when I bend over.  I have had two injections with no relief.  Doctor says I have gas bubbles in my SI joint.  Just wondering if anyone will share similar symptoms.



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       David is correct about us needing more info. Was the gas bubble seen threw xray ?

       I've been dealing with si joint dysfunction.  My issue were detected threw xray. But I also seem to have the opposite problem then you. I'm fine bending forward matter of fact it what my spine seems to want to do its standing straight or slightly bent back that causes my issues.

       The pt therapist talk to me about the fact I seem to have flat back syndrome. My lower spine has lost that forward curve They spent alot of time pressing down on my spine trying to loosen it up to make it more flexible.  Wow was that painful .

       The zing your talking about..were is it at ? Your spine ? Butt or leg ? Zings are normally a nerve being compressed somewhere. But I'm no expert..just someone that has more then 1 spinal issue going on at the sametime.

      But like David said more info would be helpful. 

  • bugslybbugsly MinnesotaPosts: 36

    Hello again.  Three years ago I had L3 through S1 fused. I also had flat back syndrome.  My surgeon fixed both.  All my pain was gone. After having a few zings this spring I went back to my surgeon thinking something was wrong with my fusion.  My zing was close to my scar by my buttock. He did a CT and my fusion looks great.  In the CT scan he seen gas bubbles in my SI joint.  At least thats what he called it.  He had me bend over and I stood right back up because of the pain.  I sat on the examination table and he moved my left leg towards the outside and that was painful.  One week later I had an injection and it helped but didn't take it completely away.  Had a second shot 2 weeks after the first one, this one didn't help at all. I also have Cervical issues.  Hope this information is more clear.  

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  • Bugsly eeeee ouch!!! I know that pain when they press into that scar on your buttocks...they used your hip bone didnt they during your fusion at your iliac crest? They used mine during my posterior cervical fusion.

       Seems your doctor did most of the standard si test and from what your saying they all point to positive but then I'm not a expert just know those are also the ones they did to me also.

       I also had si injection your talking about..only gave me a couple hours of relief. I did rfa last Sept that gave me the most relief as far as nerve pain its wearing off though and I'm having it again on Weds the 24th..last time they did s1-4..this time we are adding L5 along with s1-4  as I still had one nasty nerve still bothering me. Rfa really helped with all the groin discomfort. I've spoken to a couple of doctors on fusing it..seem most down this way frown on it. So if rfa continues to help for right now that's the route I'll go. I've got enough other things that need fixing to add 1 more to the list if you understand what I mean....I'd ask atleast and see what they say about rfa for you...never hurt to ask right ? Im just hoping for similar relief again..wont know thought till it's done

       Had the doctor said anything about what might have caused the air bubbles ?

  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 3,409

    I also have had SI joint injections which did not help. But my PM doctor wanted to try a caudal block which shoots the medicine in like a shotgun. It sprays up in all the nerves. I watched it on a monitor and you could see the medicine slowing reaching every nerve. I have had that done twice, each one lasting 3-4 months.

    Hang in there and let us know how it goes.

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