Cervical Spine Injections

Dear all,

I'm supposed to call to schedule another cervical spine injection.  But I keep 'forgetting'.  

I realized this morning that this is because it is a 'big deal' for me to go for the injection (I'm disabled and walk with a walker) AND the first injection wore off in about 10 days.  Having the injection seems like more 'work' than it's worth.

Am I wrong?  Will having another injection perhaps be more successful?  Can it all get better?

I have such severe neck pain, but surgery is not indicated by the MRI of my neck.  So injections are the best solution.

I just need reassurance, I guess.  If that's possible.

Regards, ElaineD



  • challengercchallenger Posts: 1,187
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    I have had many injections, some were very successful and some not so much, but for me usually the second or third provided relief.


  • ElaineDEElaineD Posts: 17
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    Thanks challenger,

    I'll try to call soon.......I AM in pain, (worst in the morning), and constantly at a lower level otherwise.

    Regards, ElaineD

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  • ElaineDEElaineD Posts: 17
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    Thanks so much all:

    I've scheduled another injection (2nd) for the 22nd of May.  I don't find the injections painful at all, thank goodness.  Just the first didn't help much.

    My orthopedist knows the condition of my cervical spine (recent MRI) and would not do surgery based on what he sees.  However, surgery might be 'on the table' due to the amount of pain I experience.

    That said, I probably won't ask for surgery based on pain alone,, even tho' the pain is very difficult, but worst in the morning. 

    Both my shoulders are so deteriorated that my most difficult pain is related to my shoulders (especially at night).  AND both my knees are gone, as well, with surgery ruled out because the crippling nerve damage in my legs prevents me from really carrying out the PT.

    I would have knee replacement surgery for sure, if the 'best' knee surgeon at Duke Medical Center hadn't told me I am not a good candidate.

    In addition, I have an inflammatory condition (which actually causes the nerve damage) and so chronic inflammation sets all my damaged joints 'on fire'.  Alas.

    Thanks to all of you, and I will let you know what happens after injection #2.


  • Elaine

    Glad you scheduled your injection, I hope it gives you long lasting relief.


  • ElaineDEElaineD Posts: 17
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    The injection at C5 went fine today.  I have the usual constant low level pain and headache.  This may improve over the next week or so, I understand.  I remember last time I became more and more aware that most of my pain was gone, and then, of course, later I was more and more aware that it was returning!

    I have so much other pain (shoulders and knees) that my neck pain actually 'takes a backseat' except in the early morning.

    After our trip to Europe at the end of June, I may try to have a consultation my the state of my shoulders.  But after hearing that shoulder surgery is often not 100% successful, just as cervical spine surgery is often not 100% successful, I may just give up on all future joint surgery,

    Knee surgeon has already ruled me out a candidate for knee joint replacement.  And my knees are the most disabling, my neck the most constant pain, and my shoulders are running a close second in both categories, the addition of sudden excruciating pain.  Just dressing in the mornings is becoming more difficult because of limited mobility and pain in my shoulders.

    Of course, this forum is all about DDD!  It just seems I've 'hit the jackpot' with osteoarthritis deterioration.  

    Regards, ElaineD

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  • ElaineDEElaineD Posts: 17
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    ALL about, not ONLY about.  There is a difference.


    I had the injection last week.  Then wound up with two days in the hospital (unrelated).  So now I still do have neck pain,, but I honestly don't know if it's less than it was before the injection.  I find pain often hard to quantify and compare from time to time.

    I have this DDD in my neck since 1988.....  

    I'll know if it is now better, only if it gets worse, I guess.

    My orthopedist is considering offering Percutaneous Neuromodulation Therapy (PNT)

    Has anyone had that treatment?

    Regards, ElaineD

  • I see what you mean. This post is in the DDD category.

    I had an injection last week but it only relieved the pain for a day. I go back next week for the second injection.

    This new injection hurt much worse than the previous injections. 

    This time they went in at a different angle and did two simultaneous injections. I had two bandages to remove the following day. Usually I only have one bandage to remove.

    Sometimes I think these injections are a “racket” to make big $$ for the hospitals and doctors but apparently they work for some people.

  • My doctor told me to give it at least 3 treatment, which I did over a span of about 2 months. The period of relief that I had decreased with each treatment. I guess it works for some people but I am not a fan of the procedure. It does seem that the amount of work that you put into preparing for the injection does not produce  good enough results to me.

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