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7 level Fusion Surgery

i have had 7 surgeries 4 of which have been Fusion. They failed and all my hardware was removed. I have major left leg nerve damage and my spine curvature is now not correct. I’m in major pain. Have seen 3 top surgeons and my case reviewed by 15 spinal surgeons. I’m having Fusion on L5-S1 & L5/L4 from Front. They will also block my spine to straighten as best as possible. This will be a 8 - 9 hour surgery. 2 days later they are going back in from side to fuse me up to TH10/11.  So i will be fused from L5/S1 to TH10/11 so basically a 7 way Fusion. 16-18 hours of surgery. After exhausting all options and multiple opinions this is my only option as my spine is basically held together by bone fragments.  Has anyone gone through such an invasive surgery and your outcome.




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    Sorry you are having to go through all this, you have come to the right place, we have several members that have long fusions and will be along to offer comments and support, my fusion's are nowhere near that long, 3 lumbar and 3 cervical, but like you I have had 7 total spinal surgeries, so I can understand that you are tired of surgery, but more tired of pain. Has your surgery been scheduled yet?
    While waiting on other members to comment, you can go to the back and neck surgery forum topic at the right of your screen and read some of the comments there about fusions.
    Good luck and please keep us posted on your progress

  • SteveG1965 - I am one of those members with a long fusion.  Ten levels, T9 - S1 with pelvic fixation due to a fast moving curve.  I am a success story (yay!) Also 2 surgeries 2 days apart, from the front and then thru the back.  You can read my story by clicking on my name (urbmshr) and then clicking on 'discussions started'.  Also you will be able to read about similar stories in the 'Scoliosis' section of this forum which you can find about mid way down on the forum's home page.  Glad you are here, lots of good info to be found.

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  • Steve, my heart goes out to you! I cannot fathom that number of surgeries nor the length of time for this "final" one. My surgery is scheduled  June 5th for laminectomy, fusion of T10 (11 if I were lucky) to S1. I will have the stabilization rod across the pelvis and injection of cement on the T9-8 vertebra to keep gravity from curving forward over time. 

     I had an unexpected surgery -cervical fusion of C5-7 for bone spur into spinal cord surprise after issues related to carpal tunnel. The lower part of me we have been watching for a number of years but to let it go on longer would be a much more involved surgical process later.  My surgeon's expertise is in spinal tumors and correcting other surgeons mistakes! He told me when I had my spinal correction of scoliosis, stenosis, DDD, etc. that it would be all at one time, not in pieces. 

    There is much info to gather from those that have experienced any and all things that occur with the number of issues our bodies present to us.  I have heard that this will not be easy but what in life is, sometimes.  I will be following your journey and be as encouraging as possible for both of our sakes.  My goal for all of my surgeries, bilateral knees replacements (at the same time), hip replacement, cervical fusion, with 2 more down the road, is to always be proactive ahead of time, recover faster than expected and move on with living however I can. Others depend on me, so for as much as I want to say, poor me, I can't do that to loved ones so it helps keep me focused on being the best I can be with whatever limitations I may have.  Blessings, Z

  • Steve, 

    I had a five level surgery. Like you, it was suppose to be a few days apart but it got pushed back a week due to excessive blood loss. My success story lasted about three years and I developed scoliosis. So today, I live in chronic pain and no doctor wants to touch my back. I’m 70 now so I’m too old to attempt what you are doing. Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.


  • Thank you to all. My surgery is scheduled for May 6 & May 9

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  • I had fusion for severe scoliosis when I was 12. I'm fused from T1-L2. I spent a week in the hospital and all therapies to learn how to walk again. I don't know how i would deal with such an extensive surgery now because I just remember it sucking then. You will feel so much better when you are done healing though. And youll have better posture. 

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