L5S1 annular tear

Hi everyone.

Last year I suddenly developed excrutiating back pain which caused my whole back and neck to go into spasm and I was unable to walk or move properly for months.

Took a long time to get a diagnosis due to unhelpful doctors but finally got diagnosed with an L5S1 annular tear which is abutting the nerve, as well as a protruding disc in my thoracic spine as well as degenerated discs.

I've found that if I take it easy and am on light duties at work I can manage the pain, however its taken a long time to get to this point with work as I've had a lot of break downs at work due to the pain and that has finally caused me to make enough of a fuss to be taken off harder duties (I would push myself to the point of agony rather than say anything). 

I've now developed anxiety and depression due to this constant pain. I still question myself though and wonder if its all in my head as the pain has lessened due to not pushing myself too much. I don't know why I think this though, maybe due to other peoples comments. Does anyone else ever do this?

Anyway... how do other people manage pain through this condition? Can you manage just by taking it easy? Have you had any surgeries/alternative therapies etc?




  • Jerome001Jerome001 Cocoa Beach, FloridaPosts: 259

    You can ask your surgeon or other medical professionals to recommend a psychiatrist with experience working with chronic pain patients. I say psychiatrist because one can prescribe medicine to help with depression, anxiety, etc while a psychologist cannot prescribe drugs - everyone probably knows that but I wanted to point it out just in case - hopefully no one is offended. My family doctor referred me to one that has a lot of experience with pain patients and he has been helpful. It is often very difficult to keep a positive attitude as our chronic pain can be overwhelming and the right psychiatrist can often help us. I was previously prescribed Cymbalta to help with my pain but it is also an anti-depressant. Hang in there and good luck. Jerome

  • I'm just going through conservative treatment at the moment (painkillers and physio) but this has been going on for over a year now and its just getting worse rather than better so I think I require more intervention. I slipped in the shower earlier this week and jolted my back and since then I've developed bad sciatica which has made my left leg numb. Going to make an appointment at my GP surgery this coming week but I'm so used to being let down and not listened to by doctors that I'm quite anxious about it. 

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