L5 to SI fusion? Is this Sacralization?

Hi - 38M here.

I have been experiencing lower back pain on the left side for the last few years on and off. I had X-rays in late 2017 which read as the following on my notes:

"XR Sacroiliac joints both normal. There is partially bony fusion of the left lateral aspect of L5 to the sacrum. This latter appearance may be the cause of the patient's AM stiffness and pain" - I think at this point I'd told the doc I was stiff on a morning, to be honest nowadays I am 'stiff' but the pain doesn't appear as much until later on.

I work an office job, 9-6, and am seated most of the day. The last couple of weeks I seem to have had a bit of an episode of increased pain, and the thing that is really bothering me more than anything is the pain on one side of my lower back when rising from a seated position. I do have stiffness across my lower back but the pain is concentrated on the left side which correlates with the X-ray results.  I do feel quite stiff, I can't touch my toes for instance, not that I attempt it too much!

Foam rolling gives me relief but only for a short time. Lacrosse ball massage is a no no I think, this left me in a lot of pain the last time I tried it. I'm confused as to the differing advice I have had and seen. I thought Yoga would be a good idea but again this seems to have made me worse lately the next day for instance despite giving me relief in the hours after it.

I've bought The Back Mechanic book by Stuart McGill and am reading through it, but will this help me? It seems to be very heavy on disc problems which I think is something I don't suffer with (yet, mercifully!). Will the Big 3 exercises from the book be useful for someone with SI joint problems? Is this the same as Sacrilization? I always assumed I'd injured myself and that had snowballed over the years but from what i can gather my issue with the natural fusion now may be congenital.

Any suggestions really welcome!



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    Take care and keep us posted


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    Chip gave you some very good advice. X-rays will ony show the bones where a MRI will show everything plus the nerves. Sorry, but we cannot recommend any type of exercise routine. That will have to come from you doctor.

    Good luck and keep us posted.

  • Hi

    Thank you for your prompt replies! In the UK I'll need a referral even if I go private, but I think that's the next thing to do and hopefully I can get on the right track again. Once again many thanks and I'll update you!

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