What will your story be.

William GarzaWilliam Garza TexasPosts: 1,923
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Your new to this  and bewildered  about what is to become of you.

Read first

Research much

React late. Thats what the veterans to chronic pain and misery have done. 

Its about acting about the pain and not reacting...too...the pain.acting towards mitigating the pain and not reacting everytime it creeps up on you. 

Your stronger than you know..or rather,you will be stronger than you ever have been before and that is something tjat will help you hold your head up higher in your darker moments.

You..will re-find your can create a new center away from what what is and later to what will be.

Once you  strip away what ego,anger and frustration drive you to despair you will see a new possibility. 


ARE still in charge.

You still have control over many things,decisions and directions.

your first steps are not all your steps

Your first steps are merely that..moving forward into your life with and in pain...which is NOT the be all end all that it seems.

You get learn to get better at getting up

And the more you get up,the more you will

You learn to not be so hard on "you" and learn to catch yourself  and keep moving forward

You walk toward a goal you set..and reach it,than move on T at your pace.

 you will be left behind by others 

You will be left out

You will be.....

You..."will" your next shake yourself and let the flotsom and  jetsam fall when and where it may.

You write your story

YOU....learn to be strong

YOU learn its ok to lean on others

Its not a hand out..its a hand up and you pay it forward by giving your shoulder..your hand to someone who will be desperately searching in that mortal darkness of fear,anger and frustration.

And you become a story some one..some..."they" will read

What will your story be?

What say you? Tell us your story and make it happen



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    I, will never be able to put down my words like William does. He takes my thoughts and everything from my inner soul and puts them down for me. Always has and always at the right time.

  • My story is a long one, as are many on this site. A story filled with searching for answers in dozens of procedures, surgeries, injections, drugs, surgeons, physical therapist, pain management, you name it, I've PROBABLY tried it. It's just been in the past year that I've comes to terms with this malady called chronic pain. I haven't exactly made friends with it :) but I've accepted that we are going to have to learn to live together in this body for the rest of my years on this earth. At 70, I've given up the search outside of me and realized the answer has to come from somewhere inside, from God given courage and grace and from the encouragement I get from friends and family and all of you on this site. Oh I'll keep striving for the best me I can be ,as William puts it, but I'm absolutely ready to give up chasing a cure in the next medical procedure.  No it's not everyone's story, but I'm content in my story, finally! 

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  • William GarzaWilliam Garza TexasPosts: 1,923
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    I never made friends with my pain Joanne

    But we are at. "Hot" border  At every chnce it flares up I am ready to fight tooth and nail spiritually snd emotionlly..and Tylenol-ly??

    Anyhow its a chapter a day and on how I am going to beat it in the end

    To the last minute my last chapter will say.

    Once your strong will always have enough to fight back. And also...our storys are not written in stone

  • David .our stories are what we leave behind for the next generation to find meaning in i think.

    Dad was spine hurt at an early age for me and his handling  of great chronic pain  and later a last lesson on how to handle oneself in infirmity.

    Your kids,your friends and family can either draw strength and  wisdom from your arc..or not. They see something in us we may not see...


  • Ron

    I have been looking for years for the way to write about the other halves.

    The ones who stick by thick and thin

    In street talk..your "Ride or Die" which i take literally  and at the face value

    They will ride with you wherever and whenever or die trying. The other half that doesnt count the cost and makes life a blessing irregardless of the price they pay.

    A long time ago in a forum far far away i asked..stated

    Stranger passing by

    If i raised my hand in need, would  you look at me and walk on..or would you raise me..

    This forum has raised me many times

    I think thats why we are here

    To raise those who have fallen by the way..and in my book,those who are given much..have a geiss to give at least as much. Some of us are lucky to have some support or a lifetime of support and are able to give back what we get.

    This is our normal..we can...

    We cant...and we grow wise in the difference 

    We are the young in old bodies...we are diamond in that they have to look past the outside  to see our shiney...

    We are the old record

    The music

    Still good,still beautiful but the format has changed and we echo in quaint halls to them.

    But Spineys understand the music..from the quiet lows to the thundering crescendos..our lives the rosin on bow and string that is the music. Out in our gardens and lawns

    Toddle onto beaches and lakes to play..we are worn out precision..the breathy saxophones  they soon enough will understand..and did we teach them the steps???

    We are history written down every day here.  Each issue,emotion  and procedure survived and written down will be example and guide someday..and from that..I think what we do will become ..what is it...something to interpret and find answers to an issue.


    Some-when will have the flash of insight andhave an answer..instead of only questions.

    We are stars in a vast river of stars..we move amongst other stars and seen as a body

    To understand the must understand stars

    Understand the 5 W's

    Understand the 5 stages

    Understand the interdimentionality, the dependance and the liminality

    Understand the starting point,the course and the ends

    And other motivations 

    And they will begin to see who and what we are

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  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 3,406

    At 70 yrs. old, my story is of acceptance. I have been through all of the injections, meds that did not work, procedures and anything else I could try. Giving up has never been an option until now. 
    It's not giving up, but accepting the fact that this is what it is and I will have to live with it. My husband and family are my biggest supporters but the support I have gotten here always amazes me. I found that giving back is so much better than receiving. If I can help one person or make someone smile then it has all been worth it.

    That's what my story is about. Doing everything I can for myself, accepting what I can't change or fix and passing the knowledge to other members.

  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 3,406

    Thank you would be putting it mildly. I appreciate everything you said from the bottom of my heart. I guess I feel selfish if I constantly talk about myself, so I don't. There are so many great members here that have worked hard to keep this forum the best on the web.
    And yes, I do put others first, that is what we do. We take new members faced with our outcomes and try to keep them positive and not to give up.

    My grandson sent me a card when I was appointed a Moderator. He said ," It is amazing that you have taken the hardest thing in your life and turned it into knowledge to help others". And this is what we all have done, are doing and will always do. 

  • I so needed to 'hear' all this... thank you!  :'-)

  • MJCG

    What do you want your story to say?

    It can change by chapter and verse as all good stories do and will as our hero moves in their arc.either way

    An arc goes up or down at the end..but that end is not the the beginning of a new chapter 

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