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4 years post L5-S1 fusion and hardware removal

I had L5-S1 fusion in 2013 and hardware removal in 2014.  I have had low back pain when bending and tailbone pain since.  It hss only gotten worse. My tailbone pain is so excruciating that I cannot sit longer than 15 min. I have had injections with no help. I finally told my pain dr we need to do some test to see WHY my tailbone especially hurts so bad. I got an xray and it showed 2 screws still there and right above where my tailbone descends and right where my low back pain is. I can push that spot on my scar and it hurts.  My question..i have googled and cant find WHY do i have any screws after hardware removal?  I was lead to believe he took them all out years ago.  To me this explains all my pain, possibly even the horrific sharp pain that shoots through my rectum for years noone can explain.  My pain dr was as surprised as me. He thought all hardware was removed.  My spine doctor moved years ago.  Do you know why screws would be left in??  



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    The only person that knows that answer would be the surgeon that has moved, which you already knew this. You will have to discuss your options with PM doctor or a new surgeon.
    To read more about this, go to the search box at the top and key in "removal of pedicle screws". Scroll down past the ads. There are several articles as well as other member's experiences. 

    Good luck and keep us posted.

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  • I also have an L4/L5/S1 fusion but my hardware is still in place. I am about 5 years out, and the hardware is bothering me. Lidocaine/steroid injections lend credence to this diagnosis. I am really sorry to hear that your hardware removal has not resulted in the pain relief you were hoping for. I probably cannot guess why there still might be some hardware in place. That is certainly a surgeon oriented question. Sounds like its time for a new surgeon to look you over in the case that if the screws are a pain generator, and they are doing nothing (no rods) then why keep them? Perhaps there is a reason, perhaps not. How are you doing now?

    Im going for my second round of steroid injections in 3 weeks- I can't wait. Im thin and you can feel it all beneath my skin, you can even see the screws pushing out if I bend over. They are growing scar tissue which is slowly building and causes the chronic irritation. Did you go through any of this? 

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