Scolisuit, or Schroth, or scolibrace experiences?

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So I was recently diagnosed (m-44), I have a 25-degree thoracic curve. My doc thinks I had it since childhood. I am less certain; the curve only became noticable around a year ago. I looked in to past xrays and it said 12 degrees 2 years ago. This all came up when I was getting ready for a microdiscectomy (he says they are unrelated).

Anyway, I'm curious what my options are, if, indeed my scoliosis is progressing. I know I am going to have a 6-month followup in a bit to measure me again. I definitely don't like the "wait and see" approach if it's moving. I am going to start PT for the microdiscectomy, should I go straight to a PT that deals with scoliosis? Has anyone had experience with the Scolisuit, or Schroth, or scolibrace? The braces seem to be a new thing and my doc says a brace is ineffective on adults anyway. I trust my doctor, but I also want to be pro-active if this thing is moving. Personally, it feels like the "watch and wait" approach with adults just means "wait until it's so bad they need to surgically repair it".



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    so i was diagnosed way too late in my curves to do anything about it.  but on asking my surgeon what i could have done had i known he said the only thing would be to keep a strong core and do balanced core training.  even when we saw my curves going south (i started at 69 degrees) he said bracing doesn't help adults, we're too "set in our ways" LOL.  so i ended up with physiotherapy, which i'd been doing for years anyways because of back  For physio i had one that dealt with spinal injuries and spinal conditions and he was amazing!  i think finding someone with the experience is a definite bonus, and won't hurt! 

  • Thank you... Anyone else?

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