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Do you wear compression socks need ideas please

I have edema on my ankles and wear compression socks (suck) anyways I bought this pair I really like but cannot find it again.
I know we cannot get names but maybe I can ask for anyone who knows what the kind  (like the material) you cannot see through are called. 
All my life I have hated nylon feeling socks because they made me itch and go nuts like some do when scratching on a caulk board.  :)
If you have any ideas please let me know you will make my day.
Thanks so much Sherri



  • Ron
    Wow you just have way too much to deal with. But we are getting up there and it piles on right. I do have an apt. due to some of those ugly ones making a statement on the back of my knee.
    Have you ever had work done on your legs such as vein stripping or anything and did it help? I am hoping if they do some repair on my leg it will help the circulation a bit.
    OM thanks so much you get it for sure it is hard and how funny I always thought big deal. Yes exactly itching and redness so finally my doctor said no more of the common ones like they sell everywhere. I have spent so so much money on socks and they don't even make me pretty Ha Ha.
    For sure hard for you with all that going on what a picture right that struggle then there is my hands it is super painful can get them flared for a few hours. 
    My vein doctor (who is wow  good looking ha ha) never dreamed it but wears them and has since he was 21 not due to problems just believes they are a good idea. 
    These that I like have a different material on the toes and heels plus the fabric is the kind you cannot see through it is thicker too not slick.
    I really really appreciate that you will do that will keep my fingers crossed.
    Thanks a bunch Sherri

  • Ron
    I just wanted to respond on here that once again you came through for a member me :) by e-mailing me that address. They are exactly the kind of material I was looking for and going to try the zip kind. With these hands they should be so much easier than the other types. This is huge for me with the rashes/itching from the other material and just plain frustration of finding what I was looking for you solved it.
    I think often members including myself take for granted our moderators who have so many responsibilities take the time to help us like this. 
    Thank you big time! 

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