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Can a disc herniation cause pain in the testicles?

I have a l5s1 central disc protrusion and started having testicular pain on the right side. Spasm like somebody is pinching me there. Could this be caused by the herniation?



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    I have the same problem but my herniated disc is at a different level. It’s been going on over three years now.

    It’s probably not the herniated disc itself causing the pain but if the bulge or disc material is impressing on a nerve that can cause pain in the groin and lower extremities.

    I’d book an appointment with a neurosurgeon to confirm if this is the case. 

  • Thank you everyone for responding. It felt like a nerve kept spasming and made me really nervous/uncomfortable yesterday. I didn't know if it was related to my herniation as I've been dealing with low back pain for almost a year now and didn't know if it was related.

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  • Yes it can.  10 years ago, I had a major herniation at L4/L5.  I had a throbbing pain in my left groin and it felt like someone was smashing my left testicle with a hammer. It was a pulsing pain and the only way I could get some relieft as to arch my pelvis so my buttocks were sticking out.  I ended up getting a lumbar fusion.

    The surgeon indicated that I was the first patient he had that presented with this type of pain, but he had read about it in journals.

    Having said that, since my fusion, I have had the occasional bout of groin throbbing, but it turned out to be tight groin muscles or tight glute muscles that were putting pressure on the nerve.

  • @jdixon1974 how did you get doctors to listen to you? As I went to urgent care, explained I was having groin pain, have a back herniation. They gave blood work a urine sample and sent me on my way. I did an ultrasound yesterday too will have the results in a couple of days

  • My pain doctor said (in his opinion, of course) it’s not helpful to get persuaded by certain words like “mild,” “moderate” or “severe” on MRI reports.

    He said some people could have a large herniation but not experience pain whereas another person could have a small herniation that’s impressing on a nerve and be in a lot of pain.

    Just food for thought.

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  • Was reading on and found out apparently s1 nerve damage can cause "sensory issues" in the groin area. Maybe this is what I felt when I posted this. Anyway best of luck to everybody. God bless us all in this

  • Hello. I had groin discomfort, which at times felt like it was in the scrotum. I assumed this was attributed to one of my disc issues (L4/5 or L5/S1)

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