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Hello, now it is about 5 years I am suffering from sciatic pain (sometimes left sometimes right leg). There was no accident, nothing. I was doing lots of sports back then (tenis, powerlifting in gym). I did not have sitting job. Now I do, but I solve it by buying height adjustable table (so I am standing a lot, sitting just a little).

Pain, It starts mostly "light" in whole leg, down in calf it is always just light trepidation. After a few days it is worse and worse and without analgecics pills I can barely move. It is always worst at night, I can not find sleeping position without a huge pain. Every move cause pain. Pain is mostly triggered, when I needed to lift something in my job, or just like that, from nothing I know about. It is always worse, when it is cold, I noticed. There were some months, I did not suffer from pain, during the 5 years. Mostly in summer.
It is always worst at night, I can not find sleeping position without a huge pain. Every move cause pain. What I found useful for reliefing from pain for a while is walking.

I was at many doctors in lasts 5 years. It was about rehabilitation exercises and "you should go swimming". I am doing rehabilitations exercises every day (some of it I found on youtube, some of it doctors told me about). Nothing would help. Swimming make it worse.

These exercises are fine for "overall health", but do not help at all with my sciatica problems. I think, if some exercise or another kind of rehabilitation should work, it should be targeted on problem, which is causing the pain - but I do not know, what is cause of that sciatic pain, so rehabilitation experts can not give me some targeted treatment. I paid lot of money, invested lot  time to it, but the exercises? It was always some basics, what I found also on youtube.

I have MRI. They wrote on MRI log, that I should go to neurologist or orthpedist for targeted examination based on this MRI.  One doctor told me "it looks good, you should swimming" and antoher one told me, that the doctor before him was right, I should swim and I am perfect then. Second doctor barely looked at the MRI log, he just told me, that I am young - what problems could I have? (I have 26 years by the way, so yes I am young, but pretty drepressed from sciatic too).

Does anynone know, if there is on the internet some forum, where I could post my MRI and someone could look at it?

Thanks a lot.



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    As far as your MRI results go, A trained radiologist or surgeon would be the best to give you the results you are looking for.

    Good luck and keep us posted.


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    I agree with Chip. You need to have another opinion by a sine specialist. 
    Please, do not post your MRI in the internet and have someone look at it. You have no idea if these people or trained or not.

    Below are some links for you to read, al very informative.
    all about sciatica 
    sciatica treatment
    sciatica health center 

    Take care and keep us posted.

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  • spravcauctu

    I totally agree with chip and memerainbolt doctors you should suggest to see for sciatica are neurosurgeon or orthopedic spine. If one doctor doesn’t take you seriously go to the next one. Some time take years to even get a proper diagnose don’t give up there are many test beside mri such as bone scan, melyogram,nerve conduct test, si joint block, nerve block etc. find a doctor willing take extra step to diagnose you please let’s us what your plan is

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    I agree with everyone  else that you probably need to see an Orthopedic doctor and see what they say.  It may take  seeing a few to find one that you feel comfortable with.

    Sciatica is awful!  Mine comes on with no warning and I agree with you that trying to find a comfortable position for sleeping is almost impossible.  I have on occasion gone to PT but it just takes time and it finally resolves itself.  I have had it before where I literally had to drag myself like crawling on the floor because it was just to painful to walk.

     It is also terribly painful to lower myself down to the toilet seat.  Something about that movement digs right into that nerve.  I bought one of those toilet seat risers which makes it less of a drop down to the seat.  It really helped.  Also use the good ole heating pad!

    Hope you find a doctor soon!
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