My Sciatica rollercoaster so far.



  • Hi I am new to this Forum but not new to pain.  In June 2015 I had a car accident, I was back seat passenger and a car crashed into us whilst we were stationary.  I felt pain immediately and ended up in the ER was given diazapam and cocodomal for the pain.  The pain just got worse and worse.  Over the 4 years I have seen a orthopedic consultant,I had about 3 MRI's, specialist PET scan and other tests, the answer is always the same, "there is no surgical option" (agreed by several orthopedic and neruosurgeons)!  They keep telling me this is good news that I don't need surgery but it is not good news to me when I am in agony every single day and dependant on Morphine (120mg per day).  I have had physio and hydro and like many others in here it did nothing.  My life is totally on hold as pain restricts my  ability to do normal daily activities.  My friends who are amazing constantly ask what is the point of being on morphine if you still can't do things, but without Morphine the pain is completely out of control.  I feel thoroughly miserable as I have had to stop working, with huge financial implications but more importantly I used to have a fantastic social life and that has reduced to barely going out at all.    

    My Pain is lower back, buttocks and leg pain and it feels like someone is squeezing and crushing my left leg all day every day!  It has got to the point that I want to ask my Doctor to amputate my leg as the pain is just unbareable  even with Morphine.  I have spasms every so often that make the pain even worse and just lately my Doctor has refused to give me Diazapam which really helps.  I only used to have 6 tablets  2 a day for 3 days and probably 4 times a year, but when I requested them the other week when I had a really bad spasm they were refused!  I think it is due to the focus on Opiates that is in the press.  I would love these people who make the decisions to reduce Opiates to live with my level of pain and tell me it is ok not to give me something that helps.  I am also refused anti sickness as apparently they have a sedative effect but the Morphine makes me feel sick, sometimes, particularly if I have to increase the dose.  I am with the Pain Management team who have given me a pain education half day and little else at the moment.  I am willing to try anything and I keep saying I will go back on all the nerve drugs to see if they help (they didn't the first time round) but nothing is done and I wait 6 months between appoints.  I am in the UK so I am lucky to have the NHS but I did spend £10k of my own money trying to get back to work after the accident.

    I have had a couple of successful radiofrequency treatments (privately) and they did help but now I am struggling to get this done on the NHS.

    I would really appreciate anyones view on the medication side of thing particularly diazapam (muscle relaxants) and Morphine and any advice on other tests that I may be able to request.  My MRi showed narrowing of the gap between disc and nerve, slight bulges to 2 discs, but they said there was no operation as it was not bad enough.

  •  crzgaby sorry to take away your post. 

    Hey Fifa, I’m in the same boat as you . injury due to car accident. Symptoms lower back buttock and leg pain. You mention Rfa helps did that help with the buttock & leg pain? I’m going in for lumbar median branch block injection this week  I hope it works. 

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  • @crzgaby

    I'm in exactly the position as you.

    Please keep us updated on how you get on with Dr McGills protocol. 

    Best wishes 

  • Hello! I´m back from vacations! 


    The trip was nice, i really needed the distraction. The two hours plane trip to our hometown was not so bad, I took pain medication and rested a lot after. 

    I was not able to walk a lot or go to many restaurants, but just by being next to our family and away from my house helped a lot in my emotional problem. So, have people you love next to you is one of the things you need.

    So, we went to a hotel that have those hot natural water pools. It helped A LOT with the lower back pain and the sciatica, we spent 4 days there and i felt so good, the pain completely under control. I have meet a least 3 people that have disc herniation and we talked a lot about our experiences. I made exercises in the water without any pain! So I will look for water therapy here in my town.

    When we came back from the hotel i was able to walk a little more and sit for more than 20 minutes without crying. The sciatica was not going down to my feet, just the knees. 

    I also went to a new orthopedist and a neurosurgeon, they took a look in my exams, we talked a lot and in the and they a very categorical: I dont need surgery! I will be fine with time, medication and exercises. The orthopedist advised me to look for a Global postural reeducation (GPR) clinic and after the pain goes way to start Pilates classes. And go to see a psychologist for my anxiety.

    They also advise me to took the Duloxetine along with the Pregabaline, because it will help with the pain and with my anxiety (My husband told me that a coworker use those medications for the same problems and now she is able to travel and work just fine). I will start it this week and tell you later if it worked. 

    I also meet a Physiotherapist. He is one of my mother-in-law´s friends. He is VERY good and understands my problem because he has been through it years ago when he was just eighteen! He spent four years in constant pain and got severely depressed, just like many of us. But he studied his problem and became a specialist in back pain. This guy helped me so much. He is also an acupuncturist and we made a few sessions with great relief.

    But what really helped was the Myofascial massage! With that we find out that my piriformis muscle is inflamed, and when he pressed it I CRIED in pain! So, Piriformis Syndrome probably.

    Other thing he find out were that my hips get in wrong position when I walk and this can cause pain in lower back and in the hips of course. And the muscles in my back are not working the way they should.

    So He taught me exercises and stretches for my back and the piriformis muscle, and exercises to fix the hips problem. Also taught me how to sit down, lay down and get up and gave me numerous tips for the daily life that i´m already following.

    Next week I have an appointment with a Physiatrist. So we will see how it goes.

    I also bought a back support for my chair and it is helping a lot. And I bought an electric back massager (Shiatsu Shoulder Back Neck Massager with Heat), It was not cheap (At least not for my pocket) but I liked it a lot.

    So, the next steps:

    - Start the new medication

    - Continuing with the vitamins 

    - Do the stretches and exercises

    - Look for water therapy 

    - Look for GPR clinics

    - Book an appointment with a psychologist 

    It´s still difficult, today the pain is controlled and I wrote this while seated. But sometimes i feel the pain twinge, I can´t walk to much yet, the sciatica burning is still around, I got sad and I cry too. But after meeting other people and talk to them about this I did not fell so lonely in my pain and I realize that we can´t give up!

    So, keep strong!



  • @fifi

    I'm in the same situation as you. And I'm so sorry you're going through this. 

    What did your MRI results show?

    I find it disgusting that the Dr took away a med that helps you.

    Can you see another Dr, or reiterate how much pain you have and how diazepam helps.

    I'm under the NHS as well, so I completely understand. 

    Hang in there.

    Best wishes 

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