Sciatica and pain: Coping with time alone.

Good evening!

I wish to ask if someone here deal with lower back pain and sciatica without family and friends close. What do you do to cope with depression and loneliness?

My husband is a very, very supportive man. He is by my side since day one of my journey through lower back pain and sciatica. Every doctor visit, every sleepless night. But at least one or twice a month he has to travel to work in another city. He spends one and sometimes two weeks away from home and I stay alone. We dont live in our home town so our family are three hours by plane from us. I work from home so basically i´m spent a great deal of time by myself.

He already cancel two of his work trips and he lost money every time he does that. So today we were talking and he said that can´t cancel anymore because he is the middle of a big project that involves other people and he can´t let them down. 

I never had problems with the trips before, i´m used to it. But now will be the first time he has to go while i´m in pain. I will not asking him to cancel again just to stay with me because i understand his work responsibilities.  But i´m a bit scared to be honest. 

So, any ideas of how to deal with these feelings?



  • Open communication between loved ones helps.

    It sounds like hubby is plugged in and tuned in to your life.

    Maybe a set time at a certain day for personal time between you two?

    Record a sweet nothing and send one sometime during the day? Email or video text?

    Send him of with one envelope per day to be opened at bed time..and him for you?

    Keep a video diary and at yalls leisure open it up and both can hear the sounds of that day

    Its never easy to be alone and in pain

    Hang in there!

  • crzgaby

    One thing you also need to remember, you have a great big family right here, there is usually always somebody here to talk with when you are down.


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