How many hours a day do you spend thinking about your issues?



  • William, you say tomato and I saw tomaato  ;)

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  • MikethepikeMMikethepike MIchiganPosts: 409
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     For me too much, I would say 1/2 of my waking hours. I try to focus on other things And it just keeps popping back into my head. Everything hurts.  Sitting at the computer is a tough one. My easiest time is at Night,  after taking medication and watching TV. But when I wake up in the morning my ears start ringing and my body starts hurting more. Good question William , I am being truthful ,  take care and God bless  oh by the way any suggestions I appreciate it. 

  • This is a good discussion on the power of positive thinking. 

    I do believe positive thoughts have an effect on healing and negative energy and thoughts can also.

    I have seen people put hooks through their skin and hang by them- so that person likey has very good control of his pain through mind over matter or whatever technique he uses.

    Everyone is made different. We already know what works for some does not for others. This is chemically differences- some meds work for some and others- nothing, and physical difference- some people are very flexible and some are naturally not. Some can throw a baseball 90 mph and some cannot.

    Everyone CANNOT become a major leage pitcher no matter how much he practiced- it takes a natural ability also.

    I have a dear friend who is always sending me links to motivational speakers who often say you can forget your pain through positive thinking. Some will use situational control by having you think about how others have it worse right now. If you have pain and problems- it could be worse.

    Think positive!

    Ok - so i am lying on the ground after falling and I have a broken leg- the pain is severe- does thinking “wow I could have 2 broken legs right now” make me feel better?

    I don’t think so. Treating the broken bone- that is what I need right now.

    My pain is from damaged nerves. It is difficult to forget. It can be suddenly excruciating. Treatment options are limited. I have zero meds- except tylenol and nsaids. All I can do to treat it is rest. 

    It is not just the pain, but the thought of never getting better- is difficult to deal with. Not being able to do 90% of what i used to- is difficult.

    Asking for help is difficult.

    All this plus chronic pain is tough to deal with- positive thoughts will always help- however it is not a one size fits all thing.

    I have a lot of blessings in my life to be happy for.

    I try to be a happy person.

    My pain does not rule my life- but it is hard, or nearly impossible to just forget it. It is a part of my life now- like mosquitoes in summer time.

    If we could all just ignore our pain, the world would be a better place. 

  • 3shims

    I can only give enough attention,in the proper amount and for the proper length if time to acknowledge that i have or am in pain and after that move on.

    To me its more of not concentrating on the negatives rather than focusing on the positives  to be sure i do devote more time actively seeking positive outlooks on and in every sutuation.

    I catastrophise when i focus too long on the negatives,thats a byproduct of depression of sorts in my opinion. What if- dominates what is..and overshadows what could happen.

    Its a discipline to take to task,because we are in pain 27\7 and its not a passing thing..its here its real and its not stopping anytime soon for some of us.

    "My pain does not rule my life- but it is hard, or nearly impossible to just forget it. It is a part of my life now- like mosquitoes in summer time"

    As part of my life..i was finally able to assimilate it and move simply..."is" its not a hurdle,hindrance or psychological hurt. I have a nose and ten toes..hands,hair and i have pain. It just turned into another normal aspect of my life.

    I have one leg shorter because i wore it out,my eyes are growing bad,i can barely open a bottle of water...i hve

    It to me is a fact and matter of is of no more importance than a psychological appendage

    It ceased being a mental,emotional and to a point,spiritual appendages.

    Of course it is a physical aspect..a check engine light always on in the psyche but i ignore it because i know what it is,what aggravates it,what helps it .That its always there weighs on the balance everyday but i treat it like a scar...its there,i know its will always be there..i give it no more importance than not to scratch t it.

    Its not always positive thinking to me, its more thinking less negative.

    Copeing skills are a learned response more i believe than nature\nurture..train the mind to react to X-Y-Z in a maner conducive to your specific positive balance. No life is perfect,how Spineys balance the mind-body-spirit in terms of pain management of the mind and spirit help the overall experience i hope.

    I take tylenol as my relief,i am a victim early on of the W.O.O. 

    I try to be a happy person..and settle with being content, there is no grandiose place and time...just now and today. 

    One step at a time

    One breathe at.a time and i ask for nothing else.

    Is it fatalistic? Is it me dead inside? Is it given up and given in?


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  • MikethepikeMMikethepike MIchiganPosts: 409
    edited 07/31/2019 - 2:20 PM

     Well, I do see a therapist every other week but he’s not a per say pain therapist.  The broken neck wasn’t really the painful part at first  it was the stuff that came later, nerve pain throughout my body, muscle pain, atrophy that make me weaker,  spasticity, also the arthritis that is Getting worse. In the knees ankles wrists elbow neck shoulders. Whenever they do an x-ray It shows up. Thanks Ron and  everyone else on this forum.  My therapist has given me some ideas on how to cope with it. Meditation helps a little, Also medication helps but just for short periods. Take care and God bless

  • I try so hard to focus on other things music, this Forum, friends, family, outside birds etc. reading etc. But there are times when it takes most of the day and I hate that. Everything I go to do is either made so difficult like this past couple of weeks a body stalker is on me big time. Sometimes even with your best effort it takes the day.

  • David great humor we need that.

  • Lol. .. Hope sorry I didnt realize your stalker was your pain..David too funny.

  • Thank you David lol..I thought so too but hey cool name for something we all know well

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