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My post is a bit long. It is long because I wanted to give the entire history of my pain. I would request you to please read it with patience.

I have been having lower left leg pain from the last 1 year but it has been on and off and symptoms have been changing from quite sometime now. 

About more than a year ago I ran on treadmill continuously for about 10 min and ended up with left knee pain. I took rest for some days and stopped running completely. The pain got resolved on its own. Then about 8 months ago this knee pain episode reoccured after running on treadmill again and got resolved with rest. 

 I started doing some aerobic workout about 5-6 months back. I used to do it quite frequently(which I shouldn’t have), and again I ended up with left knee pain and stiffness. Knee bending and straightening became painful. I again took rest for a few days and it got resolved. 

I like doing exercises and I wanted to focus on my overall body strength so I started with strength training exercises at home. They eventually became a bit rigorous and had some forward bending exercises too for abdominals and leg exercises like skipping, walking lunges, burpees. Initially I was comfortable with only soreness pain here and there but after a few weeks I started experiencing pain in my left leg below the knee. It was dull aching pain mostly in the calf and very rarely in the left foot. No pain in back or hip or thigh. The pain aggravated with standing and walking. Sitting and lying down reduced the pain but some degree of pain still used to persist but not that troublesome during sitting and lying. My sleep was never disturbed because of pain. I also used to experience some coldness(sometimes) on the front of my left ankle to the dorsum of the foot. It wasn’t numbness. I met my physician and he asked for knee x Ray which came out to be normal. After that I went to an ortho who said the pain might be due to some minor injury in leg or  it might be coming from the back. He gave me anti inflammatory medication which I am still taking. I went to physical therapist who gave me spinal extension movements and few exercises. He suspected the pain coming from the back, even though I have no back pain and thigh or hip pain history. My sensory and motor examination was all normal. It is still normal.

I started doing Spinal Extensions regularly and also core exercises. Gradually the pain got better in intensity and sitting and lying started abolishing my pain completely. I even got relieved of the coldness in my foot. I don’t know whether it was with medication or the spinal extensions or the core and leg strengthening exercises. But the location of pain started varying gradually.  Mostly it used to be in the calf, many a times it also used to pain in the front of my left knee(with or without any pain in calf) with prolonged standing and walking, sometimes around ankle, sometimes tightness on the medial side of tendo Achilles, sometimes just stiffness in calf or sometimes point pain in calf. 95% of times sitting and lying relieve my symptoms. More than standing, walking increases my pain. I feel less pain when I walk wearing tight shoes like boots or sports shoes. Just 2 days back I even walked for around 20 min in 3.5inch heel and felt no significant pain. I was surprised.

The ortho doc has asked me to do 6 weeks of conservative treatment(exercise + medication) and said MRI of spine will only be done if my symptoms don’t improve after 6wks. My symptoms have improved but standing and walking is still troublesome for me, especially walking and I am still continuing with my conservative treatment. But what is the exact cause of my pain, I still don’t know that. [edit]

P.s: I also have hypothyroidism from the last 7-8 years and my TSH was quite high about 1.5 months ago. I am taking medication. My BP is constantly low 90/60. That’s my normal BP. Occasionally, I also used to feel some restlessness in my left leg below the knee 1.5 yrs back only at night when I used to go off for sleep. But I don’t feel it anymore. I also have some tender points in my left calf.


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