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3 Weeks Post Microdiscectomy and Constant Sciatic Pain

 Hi - as mentioned in my previous post, I had a microdiscectomy about 3 weeks ago, and I believe I reherniated 10 days in due to a sudden aggrevating movement that resulted in sciatic pain the next day that still hasn’t gone away! Since then, my doctor has prescribed me an anti inflammatory medication for 2 weeks, meloxicam, to help with this, but the pain has just been constant (6 days of taking the medication). Only a few hours after the meloxicam (taken once a day) is when I feel the most relief but then it’s all back the following evening and next morning.

For those of you that felt post surgery sciatic pains 3 weeks out, what were they like? Were they constant? Was it reherniation? What has been your experience from being prescribed anti inflammatory medication?

Any insight or experience will be helpful. Thank you, all!



  • Meloxicam, in my experience, does not hold up to sciatic pain.

    I had bouts of pain post MD. It was not constant.

    Are you doing your post-surgey exercises?

  • Thank you for responding! I am not doing any post surgery exercises other than walking.

    How long did your sciatic pains last post surgery and were they comparable to your pains felt prior to the surgery? Was there anything you did that triggered more pain?

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  • It wasn't so much pain that I experienced, more nerve spasms and those electric current wiggles. I also could not look up or down when walking, and when I stepped off a curb, so muscular type pain in my groin. Everything slowly resolved itself, but I was indeed a nervous wreck through week 6.

    Not sure what your surgeon told you to do (walking is of course great), but I was given three simple exercises, all done lying down, which helped the healing a good deal.  I started PT at week 6 I think. My PT took things gentle and slow, and by week 12 I was in very good shape, with no pain whatsoever.

  • I’m sorry to hear about your severe sciatic pain. I for one am experiencing the same symptoms Androo posted 3 weeks out of a L5S1 microdiscectomy (spasms and electrical current wiggles mostly when I sit down and when I try to lie down on my sides as well as muscle pain when my bad leg is in mid air when the other leg is climbing a step etc). In a week I’ll probably get the ok from my surgeon for PT and we’ll see how it goes from there. Hope your pain resolves with time and I would like Androo to share more with me since our symptoms are very similar.

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