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Bunion After Fusion

Jules1JJules1 Oklahoma City, OklahomaPosts: 77

I had mild bunions on my feet before back surgery. Now one foot has practically burst through. I’ve had so many issues with my back I haven’t even mentioned it to Docs. i have arthritis in my hands and am trying Celebrex.. Anybody have this happen? Which Doc to mention it to?



  • Hi Jules,

    I had a mild to moderate bunion before my laminectomy and fusion.  Afterwards, while I wasn't wearing shoes, it seemed to get better.  My physical therapist sent me to a local shoe store that specializes in hard to fit feet that have problems.  I found a lot of relief with a special sneaker with a very wide toe space.  The sneaker has very good arch support and now when I walk correctly (heel-toe, heel-toe) the bunion doesn't get compressed and hurt like before.  Hope this helps!


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