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Lower back, anterior hip area

I have had 3 back surgeries, the latest L1,L2 Laminectomy due to chronic pain in my R anterior hip area from sitting. After 2 MRI's that showed Spinal Stensis again in that area. 4 months Post Op and still throbbing pain there after sitting more than 1/2 hour. They (Dr and P/T checked actuall hip area) and nothing wrong. Has anybody else ever had this issue?



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    I have always had more trouble with my hips after back surgery than my back, my doctor explained to me that you change the way you walk fo awhile after surgery creating hip pain and bursitis, I have had several surgeries and sitting is always a problem, especially in a straight chair, even a recliner at times.


  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 5,916


    There are other diagnostic test you could have, such as an EMG (nerve conduction study) to see if the problem is a nerve. If it were me, I would talk to my doctor about this or other options.

    Take care and keep us posted.

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  •   I also suggest you look into possible si joint dysfunction.  I'm not a doctor or expert but I do suffer from it as well as some lumbar problems.  They were always just focusing on my lumbar till I got with a new pain management doctor . I've also read were alot of people develop it after lumbar surgery. Have your pt therapist do a evaluation for it..they just do a few simple test based on movements. 

       I hope you get some.answers soon.

  • I have an L1-L2 problem as well. Do you or did you get groin pain?

    I was told an EMG is not helpful for the upper lumbar discs due to a lack of significant muscle innervation at T12, L1 and L2.

  • Thank you all for your help. I will definetly ask for the nerve test and the SI Joint. I keep thinking it might be something other than L1 L2 issues. Will post after next Dr visit.

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  • @L4_L5

       Onething I can say for years when they kept focusing only on my lumbar I suffered from ALOT of groin discomfort . That was 1 of the worst side effects I had besides the sciatica.  My groin pain is/was coming from my si joint dysfunction. It wasnt till they started treating both the lumbar and si that I got any relief temporary. 

  • L4_L5LL4_L5 Posts: 1,416
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    @boo9989 How did they diagnose SI joint dysfunction? Just curious.

  • @L4_L5

      They use various movements that promote certain pain responses that was the first thing they did..from there I had a si injection which gave positive response in the form of temporary relief..then I had a xray. Now most of the time si joint dysfunction isnt picked up on xrays but mine was..I also have what they called uplifting which is were my hip/pelvic is rotated and its causing my left leg and  hip to lift up. Which is causing my leg to become shorter then the right. Just totally uneven and unbalanced.

      The first RFA I had was a miracle it was the first time since 2015 my nerve pain died down abit it also helped me maximize my pt..they focus alot on core muscles strengthening of my abdominal muscles. Unfortunately they also had me doing some upper body too which caused my current shoulder issues .

       But on April 24th I had RFA again. And I am very unhappy this time. Pains back and in somways worse then before I had it done..This girl is on fire!!!  So my frustration continues.

      But as soon as I saw you say groin pain you got my attention and my sympathy 

  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 5,916

    L4_L5  & Ron

    Those were my same symptoms and my PM doctor did not run any tests, we both knew what it was.
    This last flare up I had, I called him for a pack of prednisone which worked great for a little while. But at least it was relief.

  •  I have basically the same as Dilauro and memerainbolt except my hip pain felt more like bone on bone when I would walk that's the reason they did a hip xray.

       I also had/have numbness and burning in the front of the thigh toward the outside not inside...

       also one of the things they look for is when your asked were does your back hurt. If you point right were the spine meet the hip it's also considered a positive sign. Like I said earlier dxing is mainly based on certain movements they have you perform and your pain response. 

       Some doctors also use si joint injections to determine problems. Its considered positive if you get any relief whether 5 minutes or 5 days...mine lasted about 2 hours.

      You may want to search for different stretches and si joint release techniques.  Those will also help with temporary relief. Alot of them are use to reset or in a sense pop the si joint back into alignment. Those have been very helpful to me as it help my hip and leg drop back down. I learned alot of these during 6 months of pt.

      My si problem is one of the reason I prefer ice to heat. I found ice was very good for all the groin and hip/butt pain it numbed it for a longer amount of time. I tend to bring a ice pack outside when I sit cause when si pain really get ramped up everything causes it to hurt..sitting too long..standing too long ..walking ..climbing stairs. 

     I know you l4_5 and me have spoke a couple times about the fact you may possibly having it. I hope they can find your cause of all your pain soon.



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