Lower back, anterior hip area



  • Thanks for all the explanations. I’m convinced my problem is my L1-L2 herniation and not an SI issue. 

    My pain is not where my spine meets the hip. I also feel better walking or standing (so long as it doesn’t involve bending over or squatting). More pain from sitting or laying in bed versus standing/walking. 

    I’ll be seeing a new neurosurgeon soon since my latest MRI shows a worsening of L1-L2. Previously it was just a disc bulge or annual tear. Now it’s progressed into a herniated disc. 

    I think it’s possible I still won’t be a candidate for surgery but I hope I am. 

    Three years of no progress with pain is a huge bummer.  :(

  • Well, I had my appointment with another Dr. and she sent to to a new PT. They think it is my SI joint. Wearing a SI joint belt and some PT. My pain now seams to be in both but cheeks. pain and burning.. anyone else hurt there and how did your SI joint get healed? 

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    Yes, I know exactly how you feel. I have SI joint dysfunction and when it flares up I want to scream. Thurs. I will get injections and if that does not work we will try a round of Prednisone or Medrol pack for inflammation. I've used those before and they last longer than the injections for me.

    Take care and keep us posted.

  •    I'm glad to see your on your way hopefully.  As memerainbolt said they have si injection but they also do RFA in the si area too which I've had 2x so far..I also did the injection but only had a few hours of relief some though do get long term.

      Pt should show you all the things I spoke about in a earlier post ..good luck and I hope you get some relief.

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