Hip pain on one side? Pls help

Hi everyone.

Im new to this site but not a stranger to pain. For the past year an a half I’ve been dealing with a problem with my right hip. It all started after working as a cab driver for 2 years. Basically I would work long shifts an push through pain in my right hip. Now after no longer working there I walk noticeably different. Feels like more weight is being shifted onto my right leg when walking and after a while it gets inflamed an I start to limp from pain. The pain is on the outer hip/glute area. Tried stretching every muscle group tried strengthening everything as well to no avail.

Idk whats wrong with my hip but maybe one of you guys or girls have experienced similar an could shed some insight as to what it might be?

I have spoke to my doctor about aches and pains before but this is life changing for me as I used to be really active. Now im just in bed all day. Im only 26.

Any advice or insight is very much appreciated. Thank you.



  • Thanks for the advice. I'll talk to my doctor about getting an mri. 

  • Hi LeeMac93
    So you were here on the Forum in 2017 right due to neck problems? So did that get resolved and are you still under care for that? 
    I noticed you put your post under Sacroiliac (SI) Joint Problems is that something you have been researching because of your symptoms or did you get that suggestion from a doctor? Your symptoms can be caused by so many different problems so like suggested you really need to see a doctor who can then examine and set up tests if needed plus a plan of what she or he thinks is needed. 
    Please don't let it go on without getting help doing so can lead to other problems or make what is going on worse.
    Get back with us and let us know how you are doing.

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