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Numbness and pain after L3 laminectomy/ diskectomy.

   Hi all, 5months ago I had L4 and L5 laminectomy/ diskectomy surgery and all was going really well until about 8 weeks post OP when I started to experience bad pain at the L3 level. My surgeon told me I would be needing to do something with in the future but I didnt think it would be so soon. Prior to surgery I had tried therapy and nerve block injections but nothing helped. I just had my 2nd surgery on the L3 3 weeks ago. I immediately had alot less pain in my back but within a couple days post op it was getting excruciating pain down the backs of my legs, calfs and in my tail bone. Now the left pain is getting better but I have another issue. I have numbness in my penis, scrotum and my bottom. I have feeling in the skin of my penis much decreased sensitivity. The wife and I tried having sex and I have no problem getting or keeping an erection but I dont have enough sensitivity to have an orgasm. From what I understand the L3 level seems kind of high to cause that type of problems. I told my surgeon about it but he just keeps giving me the "you just had major back surgery" spiel. Has anyone had any issues like this from their surgery? Thanks for any advice.



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    Hi there. How are you getting on now?

    I have a similar story and range of symptoms. I had L4/5 discectomy 3 months ago and L5/S1 3 years ago. After last surgery I have similar issues to you, which appeared several weeks post op. Numbness in saddle area, calf issues, tailbone pain (left side). Repeat MRI did not explain symptoms. Curious if you found out any more?

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  • Sorry for such a late response. My neurosurgeon said he doesnt know why. He recommended physical therapy, which I did as long as ins approved it. Then he said to keep working out to strengthen my core. I got a plan from my physical therapist and started going to the gym. I feel like I'm getting stronger but lately the pain is getting worse again. I went to see a different doc and he says I have a narrowing of the spinal canal. He said he can do more surgery to try and help alleviate it or he can do injections. I'm going to try the injections again as I'm very leery of more surgery as I had many side effects from the last one. We'll see how this goes. I'll update when I've had them.

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