Transforminal epidural injections advice


I am new to the forum & have complex mobility issues, basic

Chronic low back & hip pain since 1998 , via a prolapsed
disc & sacro-iliac joints. No surgery, scan showed bulging L4, L5. Only
tingling left calf & foot.

September 2018 started left calf, foot fierce sciatica/radial

Scan Feb 2019  no
nerve compression of L5 or S1 nerves

10th May 2019 -Transforminal epidural injections levels L5
& S1, fluoroscope guided. Diagnostic to see if it improves sciatica & identify

Since these were done my low back/buttock pain has been extremely
heavily aggravated. I feel as though I
have been kicked in left & right hips/buttocks &  lumbar area, crawling the walls.

Sciatica generally improved.

Pain consultant said the flare up is expected & it may take
up to 2 weeks to settle.

Please can anyone say if they have had the same experience,
ie increase in low back pain, for how long, subjective, but any help is welcome.

Regards Sean



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    I have had more epidural injections than I can count, like Ron, some were very helpful and some had no effect at all, I have had a couple that caused an increase in pain, but only for a couple of day's, doctor called it a steroid flare and advised me to ice the affected area which seemed to help (contact the doctor that gave you the injection before you ice, he/ she may advise against it) 
  • Hi,

    Thanks, I appreciate all the replies & help.

    Regards Sean

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