Benzo for pain relief?

hello this is my 2nd post on this site looking for answers on my upper back/sternum injury. See here —>

For the past 3 years I’ve been searching for answers. I’ve spent tons of money and travelled long distances. So far I’ve gotten 0 from medical doctors (my assumption is that since my X-rays and MRIs all come back normal they either don’t know what to do or don’t think I need any treatment (which still blows my mind after how long I’ve been dealing with this). I’m still looking for different chiropractor as I think that’s the only solution but the adjustments I’ve had don’t relieve the pain at all. Ive been doing physical therapy for the last year and the days are starting to feel repetitive as I don’t feel any pain relief. I’m going because it does feel good to still be working out and the pain actually does subside for the 30 minutes or so within the workout. However there’s one thing that makes me feel almost completely back to normal again. Xanax (Alprazolam). My roommate gets them from their doctor. He said he has trouble sleeping and his doctor prescribed them. He gave me his prescription for a month (I know this is a big no-no, sorry!) but that month was the best month I’ve had in 3 years. The pain almost completely vanishes, my muscles stop their “guarding”, I feel like the social butterfly I was before all this happened. I’m happy, confident, and can focus more on my personal life rather than the pain I feel every day. I’ve spoken about this with all my doctors and none of them are willing to prescribe them to me. I don’t understand how my friend who is also my age who has trouble sleeping can get these prescribed but I can’t. I’ve had sleeping every night since I was injured. To be honest it just seems unfair. I don’t want to be on the medication forever. I really don’t want to be on it at all. But if it gives me a life again until I find an answer, why can’t I have prescribed?



  • When I got a new psychiatrist in 2007 he said he wouldn’t have prescribed a benzo to me if I hadn’t previously been taking one. 

    He said the risk of dependency is too high and he prefers prescribing SSRI’s instead of benzo’s.

    I take BuSpar which isn’t a benzo but helps with anxiety and sleep.

    As David stated a benzo is for anxiety and panic. 

    If you have anxiety attacks visiting a new psychiatrist who can assess your situation can’t hurt.

  • Jill AnnJJill Ann Missoula MTPosts: 7
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    Pharmaceuticals are always telling doctors to prescribe drugs off label, so why not prescribe. Every action anymore is a knee-jerk reaction. Doctors have no power to help patients because, as my doctor said, she gets love notes from the insurance companies she has to respond to, taking up her weekends. The pharmaceuticals caused these problems by having doctors over prescribe these "miracle,"drugs that went out to people who didn't need them so they could make millions of dollars. Well some of us need some of these drugs to function on a daily basis. So don't judge this person too harshly. As one with back issues, chronic pain, and two back fusions, I am to the point I will try almost anything to get at least half my functioning life back. Those who abuse drugs should be helped. Those who have had success with certain drugs should be allowed to use them. Hell, in my opinion almost any drug one takes is habit-forming. 

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  • I don't believe anyone is judging, but want to make sure it's known that you can get a label placed on you real fast if you get caught.  One other thing, I have neighbors who both took Xanex long term (really didn't need it in the first place IMHO), but when they had to come off of it, they were sicker than hell.  It was withdrawals like DavidG was talking about, but it took weeks before they both felt human again.

    You are 100% right, Jill...when you are in pain and cannot find relief, you'll try darn near anything to get relief.  It's a shame that doctor's have to be cold hearted when confronted with the potential of prescribing an opioid or just giving Tylenol.  Some day people will learn why opioids were targeted as badly as they have been.  Some of the dirty players in DC are starting to be revealed.  

  • Benzo's ARE excellent, at first, for pain relief because they are a muscle relaxer, stress reducer and mood enhancer. But it's extremely short lived and only makes things worse in the long run. Withdrawal is absolute hell and could actually be dangerous. Like alcohol can create an alcoholic and ruin lives and family, benzo's will do the same. I honestly think benzo's are the absolute worst drug. Period. It's better to be in pain than to suffer side effects of the psychological pain that they cause.

  • Hi Morgan,

     I am trying to come down on my Morphine now after 10 years on Opiates & it's hell. But, I understand the withdrawal from Benzos can be dangerous & include seizures. I was prescribed Valium for the 10 years for spasms, also. Thankfully, I never took it. The few times I did, the spasms returned worse than before. You are only 21. Do you want to go thru withdrawal/ seizures?

    You are in control of your life & what makes you feel good. We have to fight very hard every day to live the best life we can live.   It is not easy! Ask your doctor for help. They have the knowledge to help you. A doctor should at least be able to give you a diagnosis.  Have you had an MRI Or CT Scan? The best pain med for back that hurts are anti inflammations. Can you take Ibuprofen? Please let us know how you are doing?   Take care. 

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