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So over the last 2 years I have been dealing with debilitating pain in my lower back and right hip.  I was always focused on the lower back as that is what has been bothering me for over 2 decades now.  I had a right hip injection yesterday afternoon as part of some diagnostic attempts to locate my pain.  Today I feel 80% relief and couldn't be happier.  While I do realize that the medicine they injected my hip with will wear off, at least we are on the right track it seems. Next step is to figure out what is wrong with my right hip and see if that can be fixed.  Just an update as to how I'm doing and possibly an avenue for some people who deal with lower back pain that is a mystery.  Hips, I guess, can cause all sorts of problems in the lower back that hide what is really wrong.  Now I do have issues with my lower back to be sure, degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, and some early onset arthritis, but the worst of what I have been dealing with for 2 years now seems to be stemming from my right hip.  So happy today as I haven't felt this good in a long time.  Wish me luck!!!!



  • Richardson

    Glad to hear that the injection helped, a lot of back patients suffer hip problems also, the way it was explained to me was we change the way we walk because of our backs, I have had several hip injections myself because of bursitis which is created by the way I walk.


  • Yeah, I was relieved to feel this level of pain subsidence.  Next step, see what is actually wrong with my hip. hope it is something easily fixed...but with the level of pain I was feeling before this injection I would be surprised if it were an easy answer.  wish me luck!  have a good one @challenger 

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  • Hopefully the hip issue will not be a big deal

  • That would be nice...fingers crossed.

  • Hi Richardson
    It's just fantastic when a member comes here and has found some relief. There are so many things that can cause pain in different areas. I was wondering have they measured each of your legs to see if they are the same length? It happens and can put a lot of stress on that side of the body especially the hip. I am not trying to diagnose you that is the doctors place but I deal with hip pain from my Si joint maybe that is something you could bring up with your doctor too. If you want to read about Si joint there is some excellent information here on the Forum. You are probably aware but just type it in the search box located upper right hand corner of this page.
    Do you keep a pain journal like for instance writing down anything that seems to aggravate or help your back and hip? It can be surprising as it was for me to discover what sit it off. Also great when trying to explain things to the doctor plus gives them a better picture sometimes of what is going on. 
    Let us know how you are doing.
    Take care Sherri

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  • @Hope3 I appreciate your response.  I have researched the SI joint because I was seemingly getting nowhere with the lower back investigation with my doctors that I was seeing. I do in fact keep record of my pain and changes within that realm.  The pain in my hip is still there but is very tamed down since the injection on Tuesday but I can tell that this relief will only last for so long and I knew that going in.  I am grateful for the current relief but I hope with the location of the pain origin we can figure out what is going on exactly.  Sitting or standing is still a challenge for too long and most of the pain is from the Extension of my spine, for example scooting a chair in while sitting in it.  That motion was impossible for me prior to the injection.  as I said, I can still feel it but much less.  It hurts deep in my right buttock and in my right groin.  Also if I bend my right leg and try to cross my leg with some resistance on that leg it is a deep aching pain on the outside of my hip with some sharp pain once again in my right buttock.  These could be symptoms of my SI joint having issues or my hip.  I hope to  find that out at my next visit where I expect him to order some more imaging specific to my hip to try to find out what the deal is.  are these the types of pains that you deal with in your hip due to your SI joint?   

  • Hi Richard
    I am once again happy to hear to got some relief and hope you continue to that would be a blessing. Your symptoms sound exactly like mine. The thing you mentioned about your leg when you crossed it was dead on plus all the other. I could not stretch my leg out straight without terrible pain in the buttock.
    So I am going to give you my advice after seeing a number of doctors with no relief. I happened to read on here the Si joint information and came across the manual testing. So no doctor I had seen had did those tests and I told my Orthopedic why he had not. Mind you this is after therapy, MRI, x-ray and injections with zero relief. He did them and guess what all hell broke loose. I was in tears for three days could hardly tolerate the pain it caused. So are you aware of those tests I am talking about? 
    The thing I discovered is not many doctor's focused on the Si joint as the problem. It took me being aggressive and educating myself so I could communicate with the doctors and find the right ones. 
    A huge thing too is very important the doctor, therapist should be certified, experienced and willing to investigate that as a possible factor in your pain. When I finally found the right therapist it was amazing the progress I made until I had to quit.
    So can I ask what kind of doctor you are seeing?
    Once again no MRI or x-ray will rule out Si joint as the problem 100% in my case nothing showed up but was there.
    When is your next apt?
    Wish I could help you more for me ice (of course 20 minutes at a time with a towel etc. between the skin and ice) was one thing I constantly used. 

  • @Hope3  I am seeing a PT, Neurosurgeon, Orthopedic Surgeon, a Pain Management Doctor.  I will address the possibility of the SI joint and see if my Orthopedic Surgeon will conduct some tests on my SI joint on June 4th when I see him again.  It's worth investigating to be sure.  I appreciate your suggestions.  Have a good Memorial Day Weekend.

  • Hi Richardson
    It sounds like you have a good group of doctors taking care of you. Let us know after your apt. on the 4th what your doctor decides and the plan to get to the bottom of what is causing your pain. 
    You too have a safe and good weekend.
    Take care Sherri

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