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I have afib, so I need cardiac clearance for my surgery. The cardiologist ordered an echo-cardiogram and a stress test. The echo results came back fine. The ECG report lists an "old anterior MI." I've never been diagnosed as having a heart attack. I tried to get in touch with my cardiologist today, but I didn't hear back from him. So, now I'll fret over the long weekend.

My question to everyone is: has anyone had fusion surgery after they've had a heart attack? I don't think I did have a heart attack, but if the test says I did, is my fusion surgery off the table?



  • Thank you, David. 

    I went & read the result again. It says "no ST segment changes." So given what you said, I guess I'm probably OK. 

    The Nuclear Medicine report says "ejection factor is 60% within normal limits." All of that report looks pretty good to me. The only negative was that I have some scarring from breast cancer surgery that obscured part of the "anteroseptal wall" (whatever that is). Yes, I'm rather a medical mess!

    Trying to hang in there.... thanks again.

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    Secondly you passing the stress test was great. A EKG only shows the “ electrical activity of the heart” where a stress test shows the electrical activity under a load as they watch for ST changes or PVCs. With the echo, their looking at the valves as well as the ejection fraction. Talk to your surgeon. I know multiple people who have had massive MIs and then had fusions and everything worked out well.

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