My MM review 1 year later

 First off bare with me as I am not the best at starting threads.

   I thought it was important to mark my 1 year anniversary of starting my trial of medical marijuana. My card will expire on June 15th so I'm still debating whether to renew it or not.

  What I am hoping is others that have used or tried it will post their honest reviews and feelings about what helped what didnt help ect ect. So here's mine.

  First off I am not the type to jump on the latest greatest new craze. But I am also not saying some wont get some benefits from using mm. But..for me it just doesnt seem to be working and throughout this year I've tried so many different blends and ways of taking it. 

First off cbd oil. I think its excellent for anxiety issue as it does have a calming affect and as we all know pain can bring on anxiety which inturn tenses our muscles so I will give cbd oil a A+ in that department. But other then that I found no other form of relief. It did nothing for my nerve and mechanical pain. So to me it's more a C+ I was told by the dispensary they promote sleeping. Ok being that was a major problem with me I gave it a try. Alot of them are alcohol base. Yes you can get non alcoholic types but still the best are based off a alcohol recipe. It did nothing..I used it both ways..alcohol and non alcohol..I tried it with and without also vaping. I had hoped it would replace vaping but it didnt. I give tincture a D- for helping me.

  Smoking MM. Now first off we all know smoking anything is not healthy. But it is one of the best delivery systems for MM ..also vaping is a option but I found vaping extremely harsh..more harsh on my lungs then smoking. Yes I'd cough while smoking dry weed but I found when I vape it I end up coughing a good hour or more after it. I also wonder about the oils they use in those cartridge.  I was told by the dispensary it's pure hemp oil but still ..water and oils dont mix. So if your vaping what happens to the oils residue in your lungs ? Maybe I think too much I dont know. Just wondering why it causes me to hack a lung up everytime I use it..I give smoking a C..I give vaping though it does hit you faster a D- for all the coughing it causes.

  Now the blends. I'm no medical marijuana expert . So bare with me on this as some seem to know a whole lot more then me.

  We have our daytime blends..low in thc ..higher in cbd.

   Now my dispensary discouraged me from using any daytime blend that isnt atleast a 50/50 ratio..unlike what other have said my dispensary told me it must have atleast as much thc as cbd to work on the thc is the true pain reliever. So then when I see someone post the opposite I get all confused. But my dispensary is sticking to its guns on this subject. I have yet to find a daytime blend that helps with my pain without giving me a buzz so frustrating so I give my dispensary daytime blends a total F..I have used 1 called Jet fuel that wasnt as buzzy but still I felt weird on it.

  Night time blends or the ones with the higher thc. Now I've use those only at bedtime. I found 2 kinds that I have mainly used both from a company out of Egypt.  I try to think of it more on the terms like a sleeping pill. Only 2 blends have helped both at times are hard to come by. One is called Or ..the other eran almog. Not that they help so much with my pain as I still can feel it I'm just so bed locked and unfocused that I have no other choice but to close my eyes. What it does do is give me maybe 2 or 3 hours extra sleep. So I mainly use it for getting the little extra sleep. So I give night time.blends a C. Only for the extra sleep

  Now I also seem to react differently then most..MM make my stomach turn. I get a heavy feeling in my gut I do not get the munchies.  I will say though unlike prescription sleeping pill which can give you a hangover the day after taking one ..MM does not. I wake with no hangover feeling after using it so that's a plus..but I do worry about possible falls if I need to use the bathroom soon after vaping it. That is something we all need to be concerned about.

  Ok I think I've rambled enough here.

  I would love to hear from others on MM and what has and hasnt worked..As I said my cards about to expire and still on the line on whether to renew it.



  • As I've guessed you have figured out.... we are on our own....kinda stinks doesn't it 

  • @couchpotato68

       Stinks is a good way to put it lol..

       I've used a few that stunk to high horses.  :D 

       I've felt and feel like a hamster on its wheel. And yes I did get my card renewed. I saw my PM in the beginning of June and he talked me back into it. It's just ruff cause it's the blind leading the blind I do think there is potential but since there no real studies on which work for what. Yes you are on your own.


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  • I gave up on tired of wasting the money, and felt no benefit to continuing.

  • @sandi123

       I often wondered how it was coming along for you. I came dangerously close to it myself Sandi waited to the very day to renew. I wouldn't of but PM insisted I continue to try..still nighttime only though.

  • Boo,

    No experience in this area... but what a world we live in where a condition of continued treatment with FDA approved and tested pain medications is that you must continue to try something that 1) The federal government still says is illegal and 2) Has been subjected to no clinical trials for efficacy or safety.  

    It’s like Alice in Wonderland or something.....


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      Neither did I till a year ago lol

      It only took 6 day to get my new card ..came in the mail today so now what ? Another year of trying

      I agree with you Broncofan 100%

      When I saw my PM on June 11th I told him it wasnt working for me..then for the next 15 minutes he explained to me why he wanted me to keep trying. So here we go again.

       But this is it..what's the old saying if it's not broke why fix it..well in away I feel like that with my pain meds..they had worked for me for many many years then 1 day someone somewhere decided nope all you chronic pain suffers need to cut back or stop..then all to pro weed people came rushing in..perfect timing right..yeah they got the cure..gave them the perfect platform to push for legalization right ?

       I've yet over this past year to find that so call silver bullet..Sandi123 you made the right decision there with me I'm stuck between a rock and hard place..cause my pain medication are paid by wc ..though they wont as of now pay for MM they be the first to scream I'm not being compliant if I dont do what the PMS wants me to do..they've done it before..they kept saying that when they wanted my doctors to put me on lyrica despite the fact I had horrible reactions to IME I had their doctor stated I wasnt being compliant because I wasnt taken lyrica..we tried multiple time and strength it was making me like I said..I got the I'd also wouldn't be labeled that..crazy right ?

  • @Broncofan 


      When I saw you wrote Alice in Wonderland the theme sound from the Disney movie started playing in my head.

       Alice in Wonderland how did you get to wonderland over a hill or underland or just behind a tree..maybe the tree is really a MM plant lol...

  • I had given up expect on the medical  grade CBD. Just recently tried again. After 1.5 years the products are much much better, and it seems in this state the growers have listened.

    I'm currently using it 1-2 a day an monitoring on a tracking app. I don't know about daytI'm use, puts me to sleep.

  • @couchpotato68

      Honestly I am happy for you  :) ..really that is what it's all about finding relief so if it's working for you that's a good thing.

       That is one problem with have to explore different blends..its not 1 MM fits all. Each different blend works on different condition. So what works for couchpotato and his problems may not work for me or someone else..I had no idea there were so many different kinds..I had never use marijuana ofcourse like others who havent my only experience was through cheech and Chong movies lol ..which isnt the best way to think about it ..but once I went to a dispensary you see all the different kinds..each helping different problems..not just pain..

       1 problem with MM is it doesnt help longer then a few hours..I do at time do it for night time when I havent slept well..which is how I night times are my worse with let say I use it ..yes it helps but not totally and it only helps for 2 or 3 hours then I'm right back were I started...but when I'm really slept deprived 2 or 3 hours of deep sleep is welcomed.

       I'm just being as open and honest with all this as I can..

      Again cbd does nothing for me..and I've been told why so now I understand that just wont work for my kind of pain..

  • Just a my experience thing. Back flared up bad, meds not working, was about to call 911. Saw on my phone"weed b4 911".

    Used my tinctures and the spasms and pain went down to about a 6 from a high 9.

    For me it helps.

  • Hi Boo and Couch, 

    I just got fed up with the expense and no discernible benefit. I tried multiple blends/concentrations, different delivery methods, and finally said- no more. 

    I have never been one to keep repeating things that after a fair trial don’t work. I honestly had reservations going into this- but decided to give it a few months and see how it panned out. If I found help in using it, then it would be great, if not, then at least I could say I tried and it didn’t work for me. 

    I almost wish it had, even a little on really bad days, but not even a little. 

    I am happy for those it does work for, and I hope that it continues to. 


  • @sandi123

      Sandi I'm going to stop vaping...its funny I kept telling everyone how harsh vaping was . I reached out to my dispensary when I first started vaping asking them what is in this cause it was causing me to basically hack a lung up everytime I tried it..they said it's made from the oils of the plant..well hello that certainly doesnt sound lung friendly and now your seeing report on the news  of people across the country going into respiratory failure from vaping and it's being linked in some cases to to the drawing board..I just had my meds cut yet breakthrough was lower from 10 mg oxycodone to 5mg...oh boy instead they upped my gabapentin to 600mg 3x a day..ugh it's making my head spin and giving me a funny headache..oh the Joy's of our current pain management system.

       I'm about to try a new blend..from what the dispensary told me it has a more narcotic effect like taking a pain killer so we will see I'm somewhat afraid to try it . It's in a dry weed form so I would still have to smoke it . Once I get my nerve up to try it I'll let you know if it worked..again it is one of the higher thc blends..the blend is critical bilbo lol...what a name..what I notice is how it's more like little balls in the package verves a more chunky weed. 

       I for one still think its important to post as much info as we can on our experiences with this...if it can help 1 person navigate through this crazy maze of uncertainty since so many are being force to be Guinea pigs. 


  • I too have a new concoction. Not sure yet as it needs to be used with my pain meds. Those are once a day now due to stomach problems. 

    For the record I still have bad bad days about 70% of the time. The pain meds, MM and whiskey relive it enough at night I can still keep my sanity. Going to ER is a very bad idea here. My local hospital went private. I have medicare but that's not enough for them. Pain Management has thankfully been drastically reduced and regular docs can only prescribe light short dosages. A bit of a shame as hydrocodone /Tylenol worked well.

    I have a strong stativa all THC I mix with my indica thc/cbd blend. Supposed to help for daytime. I guess I'll see.

    Using tincture now as that's the only way I can.

    I hope your state comes up and running better soon. This state seems to be doing well after a few bumps.

    It's 10:30 pm. The meds,MM, and booze have me back to a 6. Sorry but I can't take a 9 (can only grunt one word or two, and belt biteing ) a 10 and I can't speak.

    My limited experience agrees with boo. Seems a lititle more THC helps. I'm not a scared of it now, just a lot of respect. 

    I know there is a strain for me...just have to wait. 20:1 ACDC,  not available at this time.

  • Couchpatato 

      I glad atleast you and me are still posting about it. You have alot of experience as does Joel . I'm still somewhat a novice.  Never used mm in my life till the last year for me it's been a battle . Both mentally as I wrap my head around the fact they are encouraging it and physically trying to find relief from my daily that my  pain medication have been slashed to a non working level.

      And sandi you too thank you. As I said its important we try to work threw these trial and errors.

      Couch my state still isnt the greatest but its slowly improving. Even they had alot to work threw to get this running alittle better but your state is still way ahead of us. 

       Like your  local ers are very anti I find myself not going to them at all. I went last year and now swear I'll never go again. I had a cervical epidural which I've now been told I should of never had due to extreme scar tissue and all my hardware. What happen was I got temporary drop foot after it and ended up injuring my ankle when I couldnt feel that I had lost all feeling in my lower leg and foot and my foot flipped backward and crunch I came down on the top of my foot and make a long story shorter at the er I was treated horrible I was just seeking drugs..which I was open and honest with them from the get go I was in PM and just was there for a no more er for me unless I'm unconscious and my sons call the ambulance lol..its a horrible feeling to be treated that way....same with my recent search for a new primary it's like I have the plague or something. So opioids and the eastern shore is a big no no..

      Even at the dispensary I pause and wonder if this state truly understands what they are doing . When I go most are alot older then me say in there late 60s or 70s all using MM now..when I use MM it's only at night right before bed..but here you've got these 65 + smoking all day every day driving around it safe ? I dont think so..they sit around at the dispensary talking about their blends they use ect..sometimes I try to listen in to see if maybe I can hit on a good nighttime blend..that how I heard about cridical bilbo..then I asked about that when the bud tender told me it would be a good match to try. But still my point is..they have no control over these people smoking MM driving the streets down here honestly it frightening to think about it..

      Ok I've rambled enough


  • I drove once stoned by accident (ate a cookie). Kinda scary but never went over 30 mph, had my flashers on..LOL. Thought the full moon was chasing me around and every one was a cop.

    Never drove high again or ate a weed cookie.

  • Couchpatato 

       I know from speaking to you before your struggling and I hope you in time can find a good mix that works well for you. I dont drink..ask my sons it somewhat a pet peeve with me lol..they know and they are adults now that momma would have a complete fit if she found out they were drinking and driving and I feel the same way about mm.

       Both know a insurance lapse is just a phone call away ..they are under my policy so we can get a multi vehicle/homeowners discount.  It helps keep their cost down so I get to hold that over their heads lol ..they also know if they do drink they either need to stay put or call and I'll come get them..I know its extreme but I will not allow them any wiggle room on that subject. 

      I had a PM appointment yesterday it was a good chance to bring up the subject of vaping and it was all over the news yesterday and even the CDC put out a warning. See here again is a issue I had because from day 1 I could feel how harsh vaping was and as I said before oils and lungs dont mix..I'm not saying smoking it is any better either but I dont cough up a lung for several hours if I smoke verses vape..its something about vaping..I get this funny thick throat stuff..I guess it's the oil residue in the back of my throat that makes me cough long after using.

       And I'm not saying some arent benefitting from MM ..its just for me like Sandi123 it's not working out. I mean I've given it a good trial too. And yes I tried cridical bilbo that was a dud.  So far only Or or Eran Almog has work alittle to relieve my pain and help me sleep.  So here I am up before the roosters cause I tried that new blend and it didnt help. I was in so much pain last night couldnt even put a pillow behind my head. It's so frustrating. 


  • Yep, works like a charm. Amazing that a weed can provide the relief that it does but considering I am fortunate enough to live in a progressive minded state I can walk out my back door and it's growing everywhere I look and I'm talking plants the size of Christmas Trees. It's ironic that being a retired federal agent that I used to arrest people for the same plant that I now use myself. Always hated the archaic federal drug laws but I had zero leeway at the time. At least now I can laugh about it and trust me these folks always had countless other charges so I'm proud of what I did.  Anyway two incredible resources for anyone using MJ or considering it are Leafly and Weedmaps. Both either on line or as phone apps.

  • Fyi.

    I used the same concoction as I have for weeks.. got a little to high. Hit me while driving. Recognized it and drove on wide empty streets, pulled off took cbd waited an hour to get back. Now aniexty, headache, basically a stone-over. Sucks

  • Yes, after my getting stoned out of the blue I carry it in my glove compartment. Strongest cbd I could find. Luckily I only had to drive 100 yds.

  • @couchpotato68

      Yes my dispensary did tell me if I ever felt too high or had anxiety after using MM to take a dose of cbd to counter act it. They told me that after 1 new blend caused my heart to feel like it was beating out of my chest. 

       But I dont use MM during the day. Only time I've used it is at night right before bed.

  • I rarely use it during the day. Weird thing is it was 4 hrs after. I felt fine,  then started to drive and everything seemed off a little bit. So I pulled over.

    Lucky no this state if you say you took 1 benadryl  and your driving your arrested for DWI and later charged. The federal cops are worse. I took 2 benadryl during the customary search at the gate. I was arrested, charged, had to go to court where it was dismissed .

  • I can't vape or smoke at all. My throat would get sore and I can't use any THC. I tried 30 mg CBD oil orally and not sure if it did anything. I just ordered some more CBD at 56mg a spray. It's expensive but want to give it a try again to see if it has an anti-inflammatory effect. It's hard to know how many mg of CBD one needs to get the full anti-inflammatory effect. 

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