ive had this stiff neck for 2 months

hey guys every morning for the past two months Ive had stiff neck, usually have to stretch  360 degree to help loose it up a little. but its effecting my shoulders as well. I red online to shower on hot water to help improve it. but its been two months and I don't know what's going on. also on the back of my neck feel a little hump from where my hair line ends. kinda swollen a little bit that its been there. has anybody experiencing the same problem as me? thank you guys for the help in advance.



  • Hello Nestor 

    Have you had a chance to see your primary care person yet? That might be a good start to narrow down from a general idea to a more specific one.

    With limited info its hard to give an opinion, have you had any previous problems. Procedures or injuries? And were they treated?

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