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Getting off pain meds after fusion surgery.

vegas2019vvegas2019 Posts: 49
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Hey everyone 

My L5-S1 fusion was 6 1/2 weeks ago.  Currently I am down to one 10/325 hydrocodone & one 400 mg tylenol a day.  I split them and take one half of each every 12 hours, In the morning and night. Hope to be off hydrocodones in a week.

Going through some nausea, upset stomach, and adjustment to the discomfort.  Not fun at all.  I feel like garbage  For the discomfort, the hydrocodone seems to work much faster than tylenol.  Tylenol doesn't work as fast as hydrocodone.

  I see why you said drink tons of water.  Already feeling a bit better.




  • Glad to hear you are feeling better!  Its never an easy task to wean off medications like that.  When you are completely off the hydrocodone for a few days, the Tylenol may begin to work better for you. 

    You have done a great handling all this.  Taking the one hydrocodone a day is challenging in itself. 

    Anyway, good job and just know that you are almost to the finish line!


  • Great job! Glad you're feeling better. 

    My mom had a similar surgery L3-S1 in Vegas as well! She's 2 week post-op. The aftercare from her doctor has been pretty awful. She's had to take matter into her hands by researching when to take what, etc... One thing that has been helping her is nerve meds - gapapentin. She only takes ibprophen during the day along with it. 

    Wishing you a healthy recovery!

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