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I was hurt at work in 2006 and had my first fusion in 2007, felt great for 3 months and then the pain came back.   Battled through it and went to college for social work and graduated in 2010.   Last semester of college my legs quit working from nerve pain, (hardly walk).   Tried a boston scientific stimulator that did not work well.  So my next fusion was in 2013 and was fused from S1-L3,  not much pain relief again and then in 2016 had another fusion to include L2.  So now I am fused from L2-S1.   Still hardly any relief.  So in May of 2018 I tried a Nevro Stimulator and had great relief until the leads slipped.   Had a revision surgery in October of 2018 and has never had the same effect as before it slipped.  I tried to go back to work for the first time in 13 years because I just can't take sitting at home.   I started Monday and this morning I had to resign my position.  I went in yesterday and had sharp pain at the top of my scar and it continued to get worse as the day progressed.   I was up most of the night last night and was having bad leg pain.   I went in this morning and told her my situation and she understood when I resigned.   I feel like a failure.  Everyone told me they though I was disabled but didn't want to believe it and had to try to work.   I feel like I am letting my wife down as she has to shoulder the load for now.   I am just discouraged and don't want another surgery.   I am tired of being cut on for no relief.   I am gonna have the Nevro removed as it is no help.   I have went through this process with no medication except for recovery.   Feel like I have been cheated in life.    



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    Byrd, you have certainly found good company here! Many of us have had to stop working because of chronic back and neck pain. I've been on disability this time since early 2013 (my second time). Sometimes the pain gets the best of us and our lives change dramatically. You are still a huge part of your family and you can help by trying to be positive and doing whatever you can within your physical limitations - much easier to say than to do I know. And, we are always here to share. Collectively, our shoulders are very broad and capable. Jerome

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  • Thanks you for the kind words.

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