Nerve Pain killing my leg and no drug works

I've had it for 5 years.

I've had 2 surgeries, one on my L5,.and recently on the L4.  My discs didnt just bulge but massively impinge on my ability to walk.  

I don't honestly believe that there's relief or help for me.  Physio and better sleep all help me be an over all healthier person. This leg really hurts though. I've just become extremely tolerant.   I say this but find my jaw hinged together or my neck is nonexistent from my shoulder's raised....lately I've also started getting a numb face in responses to the stressors.

Should I just try Gabapentin and Effexor?   I've tried Cymbalta but it's like cannabis for me... overall relaxing but doesn't take away my from my leg feeling like it's in an animal trap.  Lyrica did nothing for 6 months but make me gain weight and feel so groggy.  

The pain clinics I'm going to prescribe Cannabis and behaviour therapy.   I honestly just want to walk and stop feeling like a quarter of my body is on fire. I suppose I should be grateful the spasticity didn't return....that was only three years to leave.  

I don't even cry anymore it's become my life.  The crying doesn't help.  Sawing off my leg would.  

Nerve damaged foot dropping steppage gait peeps, what do you use to help nerve pain?



  • Spiny - My heart goes out to you.  I've only been dealing with this pain/leg numbness for six months, with treatment just having started in April 2019.  I can't imagine five years... I'm so sorry for what you're going through.  I struggle every day to stay positive and hopeful, so I know you must be so frustrated.  I'm not convinced anything will ever help either.  I  was prescribed Gapapentin.  Just one tablet (300mg) makes me groggy, loopy, and forgetful.   I've never tolerated drugs well though.  Advil or Alleve make my ears start ringing, so I can only take so much.  You say crying doesn't help, yet I find myself crying every day.  

  • Spiny - I just realized my previous post wasn't very helpful.  I made it all about me.  Please accept my apologies.  I say you should go ahead and try Gabpaentin because it may work for you!  It's helped others on this forum.  I should probably give it another go too. My GP and PT swear by it.  Sending you positive, healing thoughts and, if I could, a hug!

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  • Spiny

      I am also so sorry your suffering so. I'm just starting gabapentin myself after years of refusing it because of a problem my husband had on it when he used it..I'm only on day 2 so cant fully tell plus I have to slowly increase it over the next 7 day so everything is yet to be determined. 

    But as for medical cannabis I would atleast give it a try. I use it though I havent been happy about it but I refuse to use it during the daytime after trying so many different blends for daytime use I should own the dispensary by now lol...but I have found the stronger higher thc blends do help at night..I try to think of it more on the terms of a sleeping pill . It does help me get a few extra hours of I said atleast try it.

      I wish I could help more I'm in the same boat as you though grabbing at any straw tossed at me for relief.

  • Thank you for your kindness.  I've found myself tearing up every time I hear about someone else in pain.  And I know I'm not even suffering half as much as some of the people I see at PT.   Your post really hit home for me.  I hope you get some additional responses about gabapentin!

  • Spiny, I have been on gabapentin for too many years to count.  It took awhile to work and yes it has some side effects like sleepiness and memory loss. My doc always says you have to weigh the benefits and drawbacks and then decide. I've tried to cut back and that's when I realize how much it does help. I have the same nerve pain in my right hip/leg/foot. I've tried Lyrcia and other options but the side effects are intolerable for me anyway. I'm a true believer in behavioral pain management. I was skeptical at first but it has helped me SO much. I find stress management counseling essential for living with chronic pain. My heart goes out to you and I pray you can find some relief. 

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  • @nutcase007 :D

    @joanne2 I believe you... Lyrica mademe a zombie.  I like the idea of therapy. I've just had my 2nd surgery and was hoping everything would just go away.  The pain, the stress...  I just wanted it to go away from my sheer will. Putting my head in the sand sounds good.  Your words helped set me in the right path.  Sometimes you need to hear from a stranger with the same symptoms what actually helps.

    @DavidG I've just had my L4 nerve root unblocked with a laminectomy discectomy.   I had an MRI in October, then another one in April.  Can you believe me when I say I felt the disc touching the nerve, then just get worse over the past 6 months?  I can believe it now, but still cant believe I've had the same operation twice.  I need a lottery ticket.  I do clench my jaw despite being mindful.  It creeps up on me. Like holding in my core, I'll have to try just tweaking my living posture and breathing for pain.  I believe in the power of others who have similar afflictions  to help me now... 

    @mjcg you're allright in my books.  We're all in pain here just trying to find answers.  I just know I'll find the answers with one or a few of you.  Yes,  I'm using you for your information and I'll take that hug too.  I'm very isolated now.  I see how pain does this. Keep your chin up even if you do cry every day.   I cried every day for a year.... I don't know.   At the time it felt right.  Just do you.  Not many people have lightning coursing through their leg.  This kind of thing does not come with a manual.   I haven't tried Gabapentin.  I'll give it a go.  Why not?   The Lyrica just spaced me right out of the park...

    @challenger  Your vote for Gabapentin gives me hope to try yet another option.  I am desperate. Just because Lyrica doesn't work means they all don't right? 

    @boo9989 now you have me curious, but you are taking the Gabapentin despite what your husband experienced?   I hope you find relief!  I hope we all do.

    It's a full time job being alive in this body.  Thanks for feeding my soul and responding to my words.  Truly. 

  • boo9989bboo9989 Posts: 451
    edited 06/12/2019 - 6:23 AM


      Yes Spiny I'm desperate. 

      I have tried lyrica it gave me some really nasty side effects even on the tiniest of dose 25 mg a day.

      My husband who's now deceased was on gabapentin for a totally different reason then most of us here on the forum. He was put on it for depression/anxiety and to stabilize his mood..Yes people they also do use it for that. He had just gotten off a 52 week round of chemo of 5fu with leucovorin and mentally he was in bad shape they said some of it could have been cause by the chemo itself. You know changed his body chemistry.  He was on 900mg a day. It made him fall asleep at a dime. He wreck our windstar van with 2 of our 3 children with him. Luckily no one was seriously hurt except the windstar which he totaled and it was only a year old.

       So till now I've refused it. I started taking it last week and have now worked myself up to the full 3x a day or 900mg just like he had been on..yes I do feel heavy in my brain too. So only time will tell if it gets better so far not a whole lot of pain relief..I will say lyrica is much faster working as far as pain relief.

  • Nutcase my husband problems with gabapentin happen after chemo not during. At the time the only other medications he was on was blood pressure medication and insulin for his diabetes and as I said before he took gabapentin for depression/anxiety which is another use for gabapentin off label not many people know about that.

  • Nutcase007 

      Well yes chemo does change alot of your bodies chemistry.  But one of my point was to add that gabapentin is sometimes used in other off label ways which some members might not have known about and may get some added relief from anxiety and such while on it.


  • @boo9989 a big chunk of my heart fell out when you said he passed. That sounds horrible what you all.went through.  I hope it helps you with the pain.  Keep me posted...

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