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Nerve Pain killing my leg and no drug works



  • nutcase007nnutcase007 United StatesPosts: 917

    Boo9989 - I understand your comment, "gabapentin happen after chemo not during".  I have several extended family members that once they had chemo, they developed negative drug interactions with drugs that they had no negative side effects before the chemo.  Some of those extended family member that had chemo died and several are still living with a good quality of life.

  • Nutcase007 

      Well yes chemo does change alot of your bodies chemistry.  But one of my point was to add that gabapentin is sometimes used in other off label ways which some members might not have known about and may get some added relief from anxiety and such while on it.


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  • @boo9989 a big chunk of my heart fell out when you said he passed. That sounds horrible what you all.went through.  I hope it helps you with the pain.  Keep me posted...

  • @nutcase007 Oh I'm still in denial that it is even possible for 2 discs to fall out of a human back and wreck the nerve worse than the back feels...  but then there's the matters of three pelvis surgeries for you.. I hope to get some pain free hours a week so in  focus on something real and meaningful.  I'll be on a mix to see what works

  • nutcase007nnutcase007 United StatesPosts: 917
    Spiny_Malone - I sense from your writing that you are willing and are trying several things in attempt to find a little quality of life improvement.  I commend you for your efforts.  Surgery is NOT always the answer, often can cause more problems than it helps when working at the same area of the spine. 
    From my own experience, don't try too many changes at once.  When doing a lot of changes in a short period of time and then something appears to work, then the big question, "which change helped".  The balance of denial and ownership flips back and forth for myself.  Ownership of one's condition is NOT a once and done emotion, at least it isn't for me.  I think one of the parts of ownership is being honest with one's own emotions.

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  • @Spiny_Malone

       Thank you yes it was extremely ruff. Some dont understand just how ruff it truly was. But through all that it made me one heck of a strong women. If everyone  knew all I went threw then most would understand me better. I post bits and peice but not the full horror I'm dealing with my daughter.  She about the same.age my husband was when he was first dxed..she's been having alot problems the last few months they sent her to a genetic cancer specialist on Monday they are running DNA on a bunch of genetic forms of cancer including lynch syndrome. 

       I will keep you posted so far so good its alot better side effects wise then lyrica was on me. Now that is 1 wild med..atleast to me it is. I'm on the full dose now for 2 days. I'm on 300mg 3x a day. It is starting to calm some of the extreme nerve pain down to more like a edginess which is a welcome relief. I am though growing tired of all the garbage they keep tossing at me.

       I'd atleast give it a try like I am..

    Again thank you  :)

  • Hi im brand new here. We may be nerve pain twins. Im laying here with excruciatingly painful riight leg .Made mistake of sitting on couch. My sideways position didnt matter. Ive had sciatic pain for at least 7 yrs. A disc surgery. Piriformis realease. Nothing helping . both legs have new worse pain as well. What is it? How can they do surgery on unborn babies but not find cause of largest nerve  ==in body.i just dont understand. Sorry for you. Its so late and tomorrow is pain management. Its not working! Thyy want to do the stimulater next. I do feel the pain. I describe it as a bullet in my leg or childbirth but in nerves not muscle. Will update later. Sorry for the typos . oh @nd i have a medtronic pain pump with dilaudid.clonidine and bupivacaine.not helping. Should i ask for morphine? I really w@nt to get rid of it &

    Yet i can barely stand from undiagnosed pain in both legs. Having another neuro work up now. PAD? Goodnight for now this phone is awful for typingí. Peace to all.

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