Tender to lower vertebrae

Over the last 3-4 weeks I've been dealing with a tender spot in my lumbar. It appears when I press on one vertebrae on my lower back, like a bruised, achey feeling. I have no radiating pain down my legs, I can stand and touch my feet with no pain. I've laid down and raised both legs, one at a time, without pain as well. I can only feel the pain when:

  • Pressing on the one vertebrae directly on my low back. 
  • Sitting down if I bend way over, chest close to touching my thighs, it'll hurt and feel tight
  • If I attempt to do a pull-up, or I'm seated and do some sort of pull down exercise (like a lat pull down), I'll get a sharp pain there as well (haven't been doing these moments because of this)

Beyond those 3 symptoms, I don't notice it much at all (every now and then a random movement I'll feel it real fast but it then disappears). 

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